January 22nd 2017, News Day

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2006 Court appointee
Academic periods
Al or Bobby of racing
Alerts from PDs
Artichoke serving
Attack from all sides
Ave. crossers
Bag-screening agcy
Ballet move
Barely passing grade
Battery pole
Be worthy of
Bearded beast
Belief system
Big talk
Bit of heredity
Black, in verse
Boot part
Briefly worded
Brigham Young University city
Bull Run battlefield
Calligrapher's tip
Carpentry tools
Car's custom ID
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Certain palm-tree fruit
Cheater's references
Cheney successor
Clucked disapprovingly
Committee leader
Compose, as prose
Computer operators
Cops' org
Covers with concrete
Cozy spot
Cry of accomplishment
Dairy sounds
Days __ (yore)
Deer relative
Easy life
Entertainer Bette
Escorted to one's office
Espresso beverage
Evert of tennis
Executive Department appointment
''Exodus'' author
Fabric quantities
Felt sore
Filled and then some
Fishing-line mishap
Floppy-eared dogs
Former ''Top Chef'' judge
Game with kings and queens
Girl in the ''Little House'' series
Go really fast
GPS reading
Gravy holder
Greedy person
Had a hankering
Hardwood trees
High society
Highway markers
Historical span
''I want to know . . .''
''I warned you!''
In unison
Islam's Almighty
Italian wine region
Jag alternative
Keep hidden
King of rhyme
Kissed quickly
Large lake since the 1930s
Laundry room bottle
LAX predictions
Leak slowly
Ledger entry
Legendary trailblazer
Lute-shaped fruit
Milanese money
Milk mishap
Mine transports
Molecule part
MS. enclosure
Munched on
Musk of Tesla Motors
Name on the cover of ''The Odd Couple''
Nearsighted toon
New Testament king
News executive
Northeastern capital
Odd-numbered page
Only just
Operatic selection
Paid promos
Paper purchase
Pectoral, e.g
Pheasant female
Place for a figurehead
Poet Pound
Precedent setter
Publicity ploy
Quebec neighbor
Reacts angrily to
Recipe amount
Red-ink figure
Render inoperative
Salad green
Shrek's love
Significant other
Singing group
Sleep symbols
Speak from a lectern
Spectrum revealer
Standards of excellence
Suffix in cellular biology
Summertime woe
SUV ancestor
Tampers with
''Telephone'' game of a sort
''The Python Years'' diarist
Thrifty, in brand names
Tiresome talker
To be: Lat
Turns to slush
Underway, to Sherlock
Undue quickness
USPS deliveries
What encloses some cells
Whodunit informer
Winslow Homer work
Worker's raise