July 2nd 2017, News Day

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74 Down wear
A Bolivian capital
Antonym of 34 Across
Apple music players
Banquet ritual
Base 12
Basic belief
Big name in rap
Broccoli's close kin
Cape Town coins
Caterpillar, for instance
__-chef (restaurant assistant)
Chills out
Cities with piers
Colorado resort
Comes into
Comics Viking
Creamy cheese
Crustless quiche
''Daily Show'' host
Defensive ditches
Den device
Descriptor for Dalí
Desert near Las Vegas
Devoid of moisture
Dirty dog
Discussion group
Disney head
Drives up the wall
Dull discomforts
Duly obtained
Element #106
Emoción romántica
Encamped, as an army
Encampment setup
Encouraging words
Ending for glob
Environmentalists' excursions
''Even __ speak''
Evidence of debts
Executive department VIP
Fail to utilize
Family member
Farm pens
Fill the bill
Foot, so to speak
Former NBC owner
French fashion mag
French wine valley
Generic dog
Gilbert Stuart specialty
Glaswegians, e.g.
Griffin of game shows
Guru's retreat
Hangs out to dry
Hold dear
''Holy cow!''
Icicle locale
Injection adjective
Irish actor Stephen
Knocked for __
Lefty boxer
Letters at the end of ''Rebel Without a Cause''
''Life __ a dream''
Low-pH liquids
Many a Paris tourist attraction
Merry Men refreshments
Meryl Streep alma mater
Mopey comment
Musical comedy precursor
Nation divided in 2011
Navigational hazards
Navigational reference
NBA great known for his ''Attaq''
Nevada neighbor
Nonstandard negative
Numbered work
NZ or US money
Old Testament prophet
On sale
One in class
''Otello'' premiered there
__ out (not consistent)
Outer limits
Parrot's pad
Part of a long play
Perception faculty
Playful stunt
Presidential nickname
Rat in ''Ratatouille''
Renoir contemporary
Return mail encs.
Rolling cube
''Rolling'' or ''bowling'' things
Sensible safeguards
Seven, in Sicily
Sits down with
Slightly ahead
Soda shop drinks
Some Autobahn autos
Some Civil War soldiers
Something sold in bars
Sort of sea current
Sound effects, in film talk
Speak highly of
Summer Games org.
Telltale sign
The first action figure
Things learned first
Think positively
Toy racer
Traveling bags
Tylenol rival
Ulla in ''The Producers''
Upward journey
Versatile employees
Very strange
Walk offstage
What an opt-outer takes
''What do __ like, your butler?''
What the ten longest answers have in common
White Rabbit's lament
Within the rules
Wonderland dessert