June 3rd 2017, NewsDay.com

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2017 exhibitor of Sir Elton's photos
2017 ''world-saving'' Netflix host
Alchemist's preparation
Apostle's original name
Aptly named cooler brand
Archetype of attractiveness
Being trained, say
Bold venture
Cold, e.g.
__.com (website touting DIRECTV)
Common job interview subject
Corn holder
Corn-holder creation
Cosmic radiation studier
Crushed, perhaps
Curious surrounders
Danger for Indy in ''Raiders . . .''
Doesn't stay current
Domino, Alcoa, etc.
Elevate for a swing
Escape aider Benny in ''. . . Roger Rabbit''
European-origin prefix
Expression of enthusiastic emotion
First verb in ''Rebecca''
Former part of Colombia
Frequent 40 Across partner
GM __
Goes (for)
Half of the ''Tea for Two'' duo
Harpo imitates him at the start of ''A Night at the Opera''
Invitation to be impressed
It counts for nothing in baccarat
''Je vous rends grâces''
Kiev's river
Laugh and a half
Leave at sea
Lower than before
Luxury's child, per Cicero
Many diction experts
''Master of fun'' honorary Oscar winner
Materially detract from
Microstate since 1278
Name in the news, March 1945
Name on ''Sweet Breakfast'' boxes
Not-so-long limousine
Numerical prefix
One of the thrushes
Opry member since 1992
Part between tread and rim
Poached, but not scrambled
Prove one's memorization of
Quite soon
Release into the air
Satellite stat
Scrapbooking staple
Soyuzplodoimport wheat/rye brand
''Tennis Is My Racket'' author (1949)
Tool in cognitive science
''U.S. Banker,'' ''PrintWeek,'' etc.
Vent with one's voice
Ways to run
Weatherbeater paint purveyor
Web searcher's frustration
Whiz at Wizard's Chess