March 2nd 2017, News Day

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''__ all been there''
Ancient enemy of Athens
''Arroz'' partner
Artist pal of Rockwell
Assembled like baseballs
Baby elephant
Battle site of 1836
Became frayed
Burger venue
Cancels out
Castle on a board
Chain of hills
Cherry red
''Common sense __''
Cottage cheese morsel
Crunchy ice-cream flavor
Depict unfairly
DVD player part
Earth's most abundant noble gas
End of a quotable boast
Eponymous swindler
Ever since
Fess (up)
First songwriter to win a Nobel
French fashion designer
Half of ''cuatro''
Heavy load
High degrees
Homogenize, maybe
Ice-bucket partner
Jacques-__ Cousteau
Knight's attendant
__ Kong
Lift one's blindfold
Liner elevator stop
Long ago
''Macbeth'' witches' phrase
Make oneself scarce
Man from Mindanao
__ Marbles (British Museum attraction)
Micronesia, essentially
Micronesia garment
Monsieur Monet
More accurate
Moving-van accessories
Negative agreement
Not as genteel
Novelist Patchett
One-man army of filmdom
''Père __'' (France's Santa)
Prefix meaning ''automated''
Progressive spokesperson
React to sourness
Sea trip
Sean Lennon's mom
Slip sideways
Some long-term investments
Space-saving abbr.
Sweep's removal
Take a siesta
Together (with)
Trainee basics, so to speak
Undercover operations
Unfinished project
United (with)
Unlikely story
What OSHA is part of
Worry, so to speak