May 12th 2019,

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10cc, perhaps
131 Iowa senator Joni
132 Daily weather number
133 In addition to that
134 Sicilian peak
Absolut rival
Any tourist draw
Appreciates, as assets
Baltic State capital
Be unwell
Bench for a congregation
Big Apple ballplayers
''Big Board,'' briefly
Big galoot
Blood typing letters
Break periods
Brewpub array
Bring to mind
CBS forensic franchise
Changed one's opinion
Church centerpiece
Circular seal
Clever one
Coeur d'__, ID
Cold and wet, in weather reports
Color like aqua
Colorado resort
Cooking category
Coq __ (chicken dish)
Creative formation
Crosswise, on a boat
Cry from a sty
Cupid alias
__ Detoo
Diamond-shaped toys
Earth, in 12 Down
Emotional episode
Establish boundaries
Farm fare
''Fiddler'' toast-y tune
Fizzy drink
Footlong product
French article
Full of the latest
Get rid of
''Go back'' PC key
GPS reading
Green power
Hammer or tongs
Have the nerve
__ Heights (Mideast region)
Historical language of Aruba
Homecoming returnee
Iconic revolutionary name
Instill confidence in
Internist's imperative
Isolate from others, lately
It's at the Mississippi's mouth
Kicked in for a hand
Kitchen wrap giant
Land east of Jamaica
Language of Leonardo
Marquis de __
Maryland's state birds
Mechanical tooth
Metaphor for boredom
Metronome sounds
Minstrel poet
More congenial
Mythical manufacturer
Nails a quiz
Nation since '93
No longer owing
Noncombatant group
One-celled creature
One of Chekhov's ''Three Sisters''
Operatic vibrato
Org. formed on Lincoln's 100th birthday
Our largest joints
Phone system connection
Picnic spoiler
Pipe-clearing brand
Possible entry requirement
Praises highly
Present for a quiz
Psyche mediators
Put away
Reducing regimen
Retro lighting
''Roots'' author Haley
Rowboat implement
Sacred chests
Sad: Fr.
Santa __ (Silicon Valley city)
''Simpsons'' bartender
Sits up against
Slippery as __
Snorkeler's view
Sooner, affectionately
Sparkling standout
Stay-at-home parent's respite
Step in a flight
Stimulate, as memory
Stitch's pal in a Disney film
Stove vent
Stratford's river
Stuff in seawater
Suffolk stroller
Sweeping work
T-shirt size
Texter's pal
Texter's view introducer
Theatrical to a fault
Third person
Three, in 12 Down
Ticked off
Toaster waffle brand
Town near Windsor
Type of body armor
Unappetizing fare
Underground employees
Unheroic type
Up and at 'em
Use a straw
Vegan's protein source
Verne submariner
Voicemail recording
Washday bubbles
West Yorkshire city
Writing in biographies
''You're on!''
Zapped with light