November 13th 2016, News Day

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Address for the Queen
Amherst sch
Around the city
Artist Vermeer
Becomes complicated
Becomes serious
''Ben-Hur'' vehicle
Bering Sea port
Best possible
Big inconvenience
Bit of lotion
Blunted blades
Brits' rest stops
Bunker Hill general
Burns with water
Business arrangement
Cake cooker
Call for help
Certain Canadian officer
Chiding sound
Choral concern
Compass reading
Cool cat
Corporate plane, perhaps
Count counterpart
Country singer Fricke
Creative technique
Current fashion
Cut and paste
DC baseballer
Designer Pucci
Destroy slowly
Destructive insects
Doctor Salk
''Don't __ stranger''
Dragged behind
e-file agcy
Edmonton's NHL team
Euro user since 2011
Existentialist author
Far from alert
Far from prestigious
Farm enclosure
FBI employee
Fearsome dino
Flamenco chorus
Floor covering
Food worker's wear
French water
Frolic about
Gas stat
Goes wrong
Graceful swimmer
Half of MCII
Hank of ''The Simpsons''
Hard-shelled fruit
Hawaiian keepsake
Homer Simpson shout
Hyphen cousin
''I'm finished!''
Indoor ball game
Innovative botanist
Inventor's accumulation
Kaleidoscopic film choreographer
Keep a low profile
Laugh syllable
Machu Picchu native
Make an offer
''Merchant of Venice'' heroine
Metallic worker
Missouri tributary
Nicholson, in ''The Shining''
Old-school cheer
Once had the job of
One in the weasel family
One of three Oscar performers for ''. . . Streetcar . . .''
Opposing forces
Oslo attractions
Paper Mate competitor
Prego competitor
Printer's roller
Quick tennis session
Ran in
Read through
Recent Sherlock Holmes portrayer
Red Sox div
Religious dissent
Remove talons from
Renewable energy
Rotarians' colleagues
Rubber bands
Sand formations
Scares off
Sched. data
Seated patrons, informally
Sermon subjects
Shellac ingredient
Shoebox specification
Short flight
Showed satisfaction
Shrewd swindler
Silkworm, for one
Sit-up muscles
Slip past
Small soup sample
Spectacles supports
Stuff in coolers
Suffix for salt
Sunday paper supplement
Swimsuit top
Tacks on
Taunting cry
Test for college srs
''Think Outside the Bun'' sloganeer
__ Tin Tin
Travel kit plug
Trident alternative
Tucson-area flora
Turkish currency
US GNP unit
Video game villain
Walk through puddles
Walked casually
What a good putt might save
What many CFOs hold
Where Ft. Lauderdale is
Where ''Turandot'' premiered
Yale students
''You bet!''