November 20th 2016, News Day

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007's first film foe
1899 Gold Rush city
__ about (circa)
Actor Penn
Actress Pressly
Aesopian ending
''__ beaucoup!''
Big-budget advertiser
Big Island port
Big racket
Bummed out
Certain roaster
Chinese zodiac animal
Clever ones
Coal deposit
Codebreaker Turing
Comics dog
Cooked in oil
Couldn't stand
Cranberries source
Creamy cheese
Credits listings
Czech/Polish river
Danish musical humorist
Dark purple
Dark red
Declare false
Dependent on manual work
Dumbo's wings
Dyer's vessel
Emeril exclamation
Fires off
Flamboyant style
Flash on and off
For all to hear
__ for the long haul
Force back
Frisbee maker
Furry pets or pests
Gather selectively
GOP elephant creator
Great distinction
Green Berets' service
Has a bug
Having red-green difficulty, perhaps
Health-care invoice
High praise
HS lab class
Important industrialist
In pieces
Introspective sect
Iowa State city
Italy's third-largest island
John of ''Full House''
Judean king
Kid around
Like ''it,'' grammatically
Like prefab houses
Literary twist
Make uniform
May honorees
Mete out
Microsoft partner of Gates
Morally obligated
Muddy up
Musical composition
Musical compositions
Name on a pet tag
National Anthem contraction
Nondairy milk source
Novelist Sholem
''O Sole __''
Oklahoma city
Onion cousin
Open a bit
Pack overhead
Paraglide, say
Parasite's home
Part of a box cutter
Part of Hispaniola
Part of mph
Person in pursuit
Peter the Great's house
Place to bike
Playground fixture
Plumbing piece
Police matter
Popper of rhyme
Post-season college football game
Posy holder
Powerful beam
Predator of 12 Down
Protested a shearing
Public to-do
Pump figure
__ qua non
Quiet and modest
Rags-to-riches writer
Relay-race gear
Rights org
Roast beef au __
Salt Lake City athletes
Scattered about
Scored 100 on
Sent away for
Shield carrier of old
Shoemaker's supply
Shot down
Show fright
Sonata movement
Source of a classic medicinal oil
Special talent
Spicy cuisine
Started the hand over
Stolen goods
Sushi-bar soup
Sweepstakes submission
Symbol of sanctity
Tab taker's phrase
Tagged along
Take off
Talk nonsense
Tarzan nickname
Tech-support caller
Telltale signs
Terrier, at times
Thoroughly enjoyed
Thread puller
Toaster oven setting
Trips with a guide
Tuber, informally
Vid-playback option
Wang of fashion
Was incorrect
What aren't found in filets
Wine specification
Winning steadily
Without nervousness
Without purpose