November 6th 2016, News Day

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Absorb, as gravy
Aerial stunts
Allow access to
AMA members
Ancient Andean
Any of the Joads
Artist's studio
Beatnik's ''Got it''
Bet first
Bid ''Bon voyage'' to
Biodiversity sci
Bishop's hat
Blissful settings
Brit. lexicon
Browns quickly
__ buco (veal dish)
Burgundy, e.g
Carpentry tool
Carpet cleaner, for short
Change for a five
Charged particle
Chaucer concoction
Cloth remnant
Cocoon dweller
Coins, for short
Corrosive compound
Crocus kin
Cub Scouts, e.g
Cut off, as branches
Day-care enrollees
DayQuil competitor
DC subway
Designer Kamali
Digging tools
Diving bird
''Don't think so''
Eases up on
Equinox mo
Every single one
Farm-team fitting
First remarks
Fish dish
Fish features
Flying by oneself
France of literature
GI show grp
Go here and there
Go places
Goethe play
Graphical file format
Greek sandwich
Hands, informally
Hardware pro
Has the best of everything
Hawk's claw
Hive worker
Hosp. employee
''If you ask me,'' to texters
John who sings ''Rocket Man''
Journey segment
Keep talking and talking
Kitchen gadget
Lab container
Lenin successor
Make no changes
Managed care grp
Management level
Marquee name
Moccasin or loafer
Much-honored soprano
NBA great Shaquille
No more than
Not as prevalent
Now and then
Pair of performers
Parish head
Part of Congress
Pass, as time
Pass out cards
Passage between buildings
Pigeon sound
Pirate plunder
Pod in some soups
Points on a rake
Pre-college, for short
Prefix for pod
Prof.'s helpers
Properly pitched
Racing circuit
Rants and raves
Rattler, for one
Reach across
Read electronically
Regional distinctiveness
Retro ''Cool!''
Rub out a flub
Russian river
Security warning
Shade of blue
Shies away from
Short cybermessage
Six-pt. plays
Some drums
Son of Odin
Sonora snooze
Sp. ladies
Spheroid hairdo
Spots for earrings
Springs for a meal
Start of Juliet's balcony speech
Stir up
Storage tanks
Strength of character
T-shirt's lack
Tea type
Test episode
__ the side of caution (play safe)
Thickness measurer
Toon explorer
Toothpaste portion
Trampled (on)
Transparent linen
West Coast grape region
Whirlpool alternative
Within the law
Worked the soil again
Workout sites