October 30th 2016, News Day

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AFL partner
Alias indicator
American collaborator of Degas
Amherst sch
Ancient Andean
Androcles extraction
__ Arbor, MI
Arctic cookiemaker
Armand's arm
At __ for words
Banquet ritual
Barnyard beasts
Bear out
Black-and-yellow dessert
Cabinet department
Car dealer's offering
Certain stove conduit
Chinese home-decor philosophy
Civil rights activist Medgar
Conservation officers
Costner T-man role
Crate & Barrel rival
Dagwood's young neighbor
Dark film genre
Demographic cohort
Dignified doyennes
Does nothing
Dove calls
Early sample
End in __ (require overtime)
Examines carefully
Fancy bashes
Farm pens
Faux pas
First sign of spring
Frequent sportscast sponsor
Full of attitude
Gets around
Glove fabric
Grandpa Simpson
Gridiron measures
Gun owners' org
Hair gel, for instance
Happened to
Hard to see
Harsh light
Hemingway hangout
Hit the ceiling
Host's mail
''I wanna try!''
Iconic lithographer
Invigorating drink
It means ''billionth''
It surrounded the Wicked Witch's home
John Wayne and Lady Gaga
Karaoke gear
Kid's cookie shape
Language suffix
Letterhead art
Loafer liner
Lode contents
Longest French river
Madrid mister
Marching band instrument
Mark on ''après''
Mauna __
Most docile
Motive introducer
NASA adjective
Nautical direction
Netanyahu predecessor
NFL scoring plays
Noise from a nest
''Not exactly''
Not up to it
Old carnival attraction
Old-school cheer
On point
On the loose
One-to-one instructor
Overplay a part
Park bench part
Part of a Dracula outfit
Parting comment
Passages to planes
Personal opinion
Place in a crate
Place in a hold
Plucked strings
Poker opener, perhaps
Putting to work
Recipe results
Reindeer cousin
Rosé alternative
Runs nicely
Sci-fi staple
Scold, with ''down''
Scornful comments
''Seems to me . . .''
Slip away
Soft touch
Stage scenery
State firmly
Stitches loosely
Storage unit, for short
Strudel specialist
Subsists (on)
Sun blocker of a sort
''Survivor'' airer
Take for granted
Tallahassee sch
Tearful tale
Texas city
Thick carpet
Throw away
Title holder
Touch up
Traffic markers
Tries to find
Type of paint
Unit of uranium
Unlikely counterfeit bills
Unrestricted ability
Wagering ctr
Western sound effects
Wild time
World Series prelude: Abbr