April 1st 2018, Premier Sunday

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"A Bell for —" (1944 novel)
— acids
Actor Butterfield
Actor Glass
African plain
Air traveler
Apt occasion for this puzzle's theme
Artist Paul
As a matter of routine
— as it is
Athenian marketplace
"— be a real shame if ..."
Bialy, e.g.
Brow shape
— Bubba (bubble gum brand)
Busy bugs
Cajun cooking pod
Calc prereq
Canine coat
Cantina pot
— -Caps (candy)
Class whose students might cook
Comic actor Seth
Coral reef
Crimson or ruby
Cutty — (clipper ship)
Desk tray for to-be-sent documents
Direction opposite sud
"D.O.A." star O'Brien
Dodge SUV
Drawn tight
Easy two-pointer
Equine beast of burden
Eye lustfully
Flee hastily
"— for All Seasons"
Frank holder
Free speech org.
Garden tool
Gas station fill-up amount
Georgia city
Gerund, e.g.
— gestae (deeds)
Give a new look to
Give up, as territory
Go upward
"— gratia artis" (MGM motto)
High degree
Hoagie ingredient
Holds dear
Home of St. Louis
Insincerely eloquent
Inventor Howe
Iraq export
It follows chi
Jacuzzi sites
Joanne of "Red River"
Kind of sock
Lamb serving
Lead-in to fix
Lego bit, e.g.
Lentil, e.g.
Light beige
Like a scary ride in a vehicle
Like green bananas
Little chore
Lustful god
"... Mac — PC?"
Major melee
Maze route
Melodic, musically
Mesozoic —
Mink relative
Moe, for one
Mogadishu native
Mu — beef
Nasty whales
"Nay" sayer
NBAer Kevin
New England soup
"No way!," in a text
Not-quite-identifiable cafeteria food
Notion, to Pierre
On the house
Part of n/a
Pepsi rival
Pew or sofa
Post-op site
Pro-gun gp.
Put in a hold
Quail flock
Quality of 2% milk, say
Ranch group
Range ropes
Replaced the inner layer of
Rowing tool
Russian autocrat
— -Saxon
School org.
See 84-Across
Shelley work
Ship's record
Singer Cleo
Single-named male model
Siouan speaker
Son of Poseidon
Space balls
Stadium cheers
Styling goo
Sweet treats
Taj Mahal's city
Take for granted
Tesla CEO Musk
Test-marking teacher, e.g.
They follow rhos
Tiny neighbor of France
Tip, as a hat
Totally evil
Totally tidy
Touched up, as text
Trellis strip
Water, to Yvette
"Waterloo" pop group
Where a company's leaders meet
Winds down
Wine holders
With 120-Down, like Siamese cats or Frank Sinatra
Witty adage
Won gold or silver
Word before while
Word that can follow the ends of 23-, 35-, 38-, 53-, 73-, 89-, 106- and 108-Across
Writer Sholem