December 11th 2016, Premier Sunday

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Actor Driver
Actress Durance
Actress Ortiz or Gasteyer
Adored star
Alley —
"Aloha Oe" instruments, for short
Animistic religion of northern Asia
Antarctic penguin
Arial, e.g.
Arm of Israel
Audio product introduced by Bose in 1993
"Ben- —"
California's Point —
Cat cry
Cave beings
Chevy's Sonic, before 2011
Chi-omega linkup
Citi Field MLB team
Clothed very shabbily
Curly's bud
Cut off
Czar's edict
Daisy cousin
Davis of "Hot Stuff"
Defers (to)
Deli staple
— dixit (unproven assertion)
Don Marquis' "— and Mehitabel"
Donne, e.g.
"Don't worry"
"— ed Euridice"
English noble
E.T.'s human friend
Eventual oak
Female gametes
Female sib
Ferrari who founded Ferrari
Fizzy drink
Fizzy drinks
Fleecy beast
Flying British mil. branch
Funny Foxx
Gas brand
Gave temporarily
Geller from Israel
Gem sides
Gets more narrow
Ghost shout
Ghostly pale
Grows older
Heady drinks
Holiday song
How bed linens are often sold
"It really seems to me ..."
Italian wine area
Jay-ell linkup
"Keep it in"
Kind of blue
Kind of gel
Large elliptical fish
LAX info
Lead-in to history
"Li'l ol' me?!"
Lose vigor
Luge surface
Madras "Mr."
Many adults
Marketing space in a newspaper, e.g.
Math subj.
Mil. officers
Mint-family herbs
Moral failure
"... — mouse?"
"No" from a higher-up
Not difficult
Not volatile
"Nothing — it seems"
Of the region just north of the Antarctic Circle
Old aviation inits.
Person on both sides of an issue
Photo —
Physicist Curie
Pithy remark
Poem of laud
Poet Tate
Prefix with color
Prefix with friendly
Prefix with gender
Proper noun in an atlas
Psychic "gift"
Ramp for accessing a ship
Ranch rope
Rd. relative
Ridesharing app
Ripped thoroughly
Riverbed deposit
Ruhr article
Scale part
Secluded valley
See 103-Down
See 29-Down
Sends cell messages
Small bird that builds edible nests
Small porch
Special time
Spending jag
Spill-catching wear
Stimpy's bud
Strikes (out)
Suffix with czar
Suffix with host
Takes for ransom
"Tall" story
Toys — (chain for kids)
Treats with malice
Turner of an insurrection
Turnpike toll, e.g.
TV "Science Guy"
Visible air
Wallach of "Nuts"
Was of use to
What pull-ups work
With 101-Across, thus far
With 56-Across, compete to obtain