December 25th 2016, Premier Sunday

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1,051, to Nero
1,760-yard footrace
2011 Marvel Comics film
Actress Dern
Actress Langtry
Address with dots in it
Adds abundantly
Adorn big shopping centers?
"Affliction" star
Altitudes: Abbr.
Arboreal frogs
Architect Saarinen
"Avatar" actress Zoe
B-to-F run
"Bad" cholesterol, for short
"Bali —"
'Bama rival
Baseball's Red —
Big name in frozen drinks
Big name in hair care
Birch cousin
Brazil's — Paulo
Brunch dish
Bulletproof vest material
Canadian fuel brand
— Canals
Capital of Senegal
Capote, informally
Cellphone components
Certain bolt holder
Chart buster
Chem., e.g.
City square
Company abbr.
Cursor, often
Debt note
Deep desire
Deer cousin
Divided into new districts
"Do Ya" gp.
Doesn't exit
Drescher of "The Nanny"
Earliest tune that singer Billy ever wrote?
Fait accompli
False front
Fancy carp
Far off driving one's Ford pickup?
Fastener holding a sleigh tinkler in place?
Foreman foe
Gigi's "yes"
Gossipy chatterer
Hindu maxim collection
Hoppy brews
Horse gait
Hypnotic states
In accordance with
In — rush
In the way a lass would
In two, say
Irish dance
Iroquois tribe
Japanese massage
Juliet's lover
Kin of karate
Lashes (up)
Lavish attention (on)
"Let's roll!"
Letters on an ambulance
Likely traffic snarl times
Lion lair
Middle name of Mozart
Milky gemstones
Moo —
More recent
Mother of Rajiv Gandhi
— nitrate (fuel additive)
Not sound
Opens, as a tomb
Part of NBA: Abbr.
Patella locale
Per annum
Pianist John
— Poke (candy)
Poker player Ungar
Polloi lead-in
Prefix like "equi-"
Prefix with life or land
Problems for vain sorts
Profs' aides
Purview of Gov. Cuomo
Reason you might give for not buying a china plate?
Redding of soul
Religious act
Rides that aren't new
Rightful deserts
Rogers or Acuff playing percussion as a child?
Scatterer of seeds
Sea predator
See 10-Down
Shy around all of humanity?
Small dollop
Snarling mutt
"Sorta" suffix
Sow, e.g.
Suffix with drunk
Sun or moon
Swear by
Takes five
Teen's skin woe
They show certain transit routes
Tim of football
Traffic clog
Transport Kriss Kringle on a small, wheeled cart?
Urban model — Chyna
Vacation in Italy's capital?
Vocal vote
Voting place
Wall St. whiz
"— was saying ..."
— -wee Herman
"— will not!"
Wish undone
With 85-Across, "Dig in!"
With dignity
Yankee land
Yeats' "The Wild Swans at —"
"Yes, that guy!"
Yule drink