February 10th 2019, Premier Sunday

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9-to-5er's relieved cry
A bit drunk
A Marx brother
Abbr. in personal ads
Abbr. of fair hiring
Accepted blame humbly
Actress Perlman
An Amerind
"Angie" star Davis
Appropriate underwear in a law court?
As is fitting
Be in debt to
Beach where everyone dons athletic wear?
Biceps, e.g.
Big bother
Bill Clinton's #2
Bit of lifting lingerie
Brit. mil. fliers
Brunch dish
Buckeye State sch.
Burnt residue
Castle trench
Closing parts
Comical sort
— culpa
Curved line
Cut to bits
"— Day Will Come"
Deep fissure
Do a tally of
E-I linkup
Earring part
Elected (to)
Ending for lion or seer
Flier Earhart
Formalwear imparting a pleasantly optimistic feeling?
Frequently, to a poet
Frozen spike
G-men, e.g.
Gardening implements
Gemini, e.g.
Get — of (obtain)
Go bonkers
Grabs the attention of suddenly
Helper: Abbr.
Helpers in crime
Homer Simpson cry
Hush money
I, to Freud
ICU tubes
Ill will
"I'm Real" singer's nickname
Inside info
It's gathered in recon
Join together
Jon who played Napoleon Dynamite
Kilt wearer
Kiss go-with, often
Looked scornfully
Lysol target
Mafia code of silence
— Mahal
Mani offerer
Many Apples
Mean rulers
Mel who wore #4
Mend, as socks
Messenger of the gods
Mets' former stadium
Model of iPod
Modest reply to kudos
Moral errors
Neckwear making people unable to move?
Nick of film
"Oh, sure!"
Opinion pieces
Outerwear with huge pockets to hold LPs?
Oven brand
Painter's studio
Paperless novel, e.g.
Person of the hour
"Pippin" director Bob
Platform for Apple devices
Polyphonic choral piece
Pro at taking dictation
Pull sharply
Quick trip
Rains cold pellets
Regretted deeply
Room, in Spanish
Royal flush card
"Rum Punch" novelist Leonard
Rusty color
Scots' toppers
Seal schools
See 49-Across
Sheep's call
Sherpa land
Singer — Marie
Sir Andrew — Webber
Sit as a model
Slave away
Slide on a sled, say
Slightly off
Some pipe shapes
Stew sphere
Stock up on
Studio prop
Summer wear depicting cartoon scenes?
Telegraphic code creator
They're shot from air rifles
Toadstool-shaped headwear?
"Tommy" actor
Tooth filler
Tricky rascal
Turkic language
Ukraine city
Unwanted plant growth
Used a sofa
Verbal gems
Waist wear inscribed with images of sun-orbiting bodies?
Weasel's kin
With 72-Across, 1920s-'30s design style
Women's wear encircling a magazine?
Writer Joyce Carol —
"Yeah, makes sense"
Yellow hue
— Zedong
"Zip it!"