February 11th 2018, Premier Sunday

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Actor Parsons
Actor Rob
Actress Mendes
Add to the batter, say
— and haw
Apt. units
At an end
Audiotapes' successors
Author Huffington
Baby's wear
Ballpark fig.
Barking pets
Bettor's note
Big health supplement chain, familiarly
Bits of matter
Blend in
Bombard with e-junk
Breaks up
Breathe hard
Bullfight cry
Calf catcher
Call placer
Car for a VIP
Cato's 1,052
Causes of sudden fear
Cereal meal
Certain boxing punch
Certain Siouan
Charge at
Clean energy org.
Corn cover
Crank (up)
Defeat Dorothy's dog decisively?
Delhi dress
Desert haven mentioned in the first book of the Bible?
Doctrine that reality is one organic whole
Don of radio
Door turner
Dream-time acronym
Env. alerter
ESPN datum
Expire, as a subscription
Eye covers
Fashion inits.
Gen —
Give a nonnative a smooch?
Glorious state of bliss?
Greek vowel
Guitars' kin, for short
Hard wood
Have a cow, with "out"
H.G. Wells race
Hi- — (old LP players)
Homer work
"I see mice!"
Ice cream flavor, briefly
In a group
In — (as found)
Jenna Bush —
"Kinda" suffix
Last year's frosh
Lay to rest
Leave out
Ltr. insert
Lyric tribute
Main female character
Make up for
Maker of stringed instruments
Meat stamp letters
Menu fish
Mice and whales, e.g.
Military units
Mr., in India
Musical artist DiFranco
Nary a soul
New princess of '81
Not ceasing
Not firmly implanted
Not meant to be heard by the audience, in a way
Not only that
Noted berry farm founder
Obi-Wan Kenobi, e.g.
One who doesn't succumb to a potent toxin?
"Part II" films
Part of PIN
Pre-liftoff term
Prefix with hazard
Ruler of the Sunflower State?
Santa — (hot wind)
Scale notes
School, in Nice
Singer Buddy
Skating leap
Small drink
Smart- — (cocky)
Social Security fig., e.g.
Specialty of Windy City bakeries?
Squeak (out)
St.- — (capital of Loire)
Stew veggie
Stools, say
Strive (for)
Stuff hauled by Beantown trash collectors?
Synthpop artist, say
Tatty clothes
The, in Paris
"The Jerk" actor M. — Walsh
"The Rose" singer Midler
"The Simpsons" store clerk
They may be candied
Tightly strung
Trip to an underworld river?
Turn a deaf — (ignore)
Unruly crowd
U.N.'s Kofi
— upswing
Use a pool
Uses Dixie diction
Vienna loc.
Wanna- — (aspirants)
"Well well!"
Wk. day
Work at as a dilettante
Writer Horatio
Writer Philip
"Zip- — -Doo-Dah"