January 15th 2017, Premier Sunday

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1936-52 British king
1990s IBM computer
Actor Close
Actor Wahl
Actress Reid and skater Lipinski
African hunt
Agcy. OK'ing medicines
Alan of film
All excited
Arrive at a choice
Artemis' twin
As a result
At the ready
Baja naps
Barrett of gossip columns
Be given via will
Be wrong
Being pulled
Biblical king before David
Big crucifix
Big star, say
Bird's sound
Body of eau
Brand of taco shells
Cal —
Car types
City near Lake Tahoe
Cleo's cobra
Come- — (shills)
Cow's milk source
— Cruces
D.C. figure
"Dudley Do-Right" damsel Nell
Faux names
Film critic Richard
Finish at #1
Gardner of the screen
Get bloated
"Get Smart" device for a secret conversation
Gets higher
Give out, as a task
Golf's Ernie
Groupie, e.g.
Had food
Hands over
Hawaii County seat
Helps out
High-definition iPad feature
High wind
Historic time
Holders of strike signs
Holiday in Hanoi
Indian butter
Indy area
Its capital is Vientiane
— Jeanne d'Arc: Abbr.
Join closely
Keyboard instrument
Keyboard instruments
Kind of pony or sheepdog
Kindled again
Kitchen tools
Knightly title
Leaps over
Licoricelike flavorers
Like some snakelike fish
Mac rivals
Mace, e.g.
Mag revenue source
Mao of China
Mario Lanza, for one
"Mila 18" author Leon
More sinful
Music box?
Not fore
Not mailed, say
Old Briton
One forming something
One using a plus sign
Oven output
— pall over
PBS series featuring documentary films
People swearing
Persia, now
Picture of an ocean view
— Polo
Popping-up appliance
Private stash
Punny statement about seven key words in this puzzle
Puts on a new course
Puts up, as an edifice
RAV4s, e.g.
Recital sites
Rival school of Harrow
Rose Bowl sch.
Salary maker
Sci-fi's Solo
Sea menace
See 123-Across
Serapes, e.g.
"Shop — you drop"
Shovel go-withs
Singer Leo
Social outcast
Sombrero, for example
Some Italian sandwiches
Soon-to-be bride
Sports data
State boldly
Stretching muscles
String after B
Sub inits.
Sword sort
Take care of
— tank
Top pitcher
Track beams
"Under the Net" novelist
Unit of force
Unit of heredity
Unit of work
USPS part
Wage recipient
Watson's partner
With 32-Down, event with a funnel cake stand, often
Withholding corporal punishment, biblically
"Woof!" kin