January 1st 2017, Premier Sunday

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45s' cousins
'50s prez
Accept an insult humbly
Acid's counterpart
Actor Mueller-Stahl
Advice-giving Ann
Advice tidbit
After this, to a logician
Arena part
Average desert drainage basin?
Aware of and interested in
Bi- + hexa-
Big blue body
Big name in whiskey
Bill with Abe
Bills with Washington
Black gunk
Bovine beast
"— boy!" ("All right!")
Brand of Irish cream
Brit's lav
Brush off a bishop's hat?
Byron, e.g.
Carpet area meas.
Chill (out)
"C'mon, help me out here"
Co. biggie
College VIP
Comic Roseanne
Country's — Brothers
Debtor's slip
Do in
Dressed like many a Scot
Exclamation of frustration
Feat of skill
Festive 53-Downs
Fine dishes that have been split?
Former Italian coins
Forward thrust in water polo?
Gnat relative
Gold, in Peru
Goldfish doing a funny circus act?
Grafton's "— for Alibi"
Harem room
"— -haw!"
Heady quaff
Hellenic "T"
Hold the interest of
H.S. subject
"I cannot tell —"
"I wish that were true!"
In the vicinity
Indiana university
Iranian cash
Is testy with
Islamic chief
Island off the Italian coast
Jacket flap
Jackie's Onassis
Jai follower
Jersey's largest city
Kin of mono-
Law firm aide, in brief
Lifting again
Like many smartphone game purchases
Limerick's rhyme scheme
Literary critic Connolly
Little candies with shells
Major rainfall
Make obsolete
Many a placebo
Message spelled out by the 12 added letters in this puzzle
Mil. rank
Mind product
Mink coat taken by a thief?
"Munich" star Eric
Mutt's threat
"My —" (Willa Cather novel)
Nanny's cry
"Need —?" (driver's query)
Nerve center
Norse god
Nutrition amt.
One "A" of NCAA: Abbr.
One given a water shaft as a gift?
One way to eat pastrami
Otter cousin
Painful things to touch
Pal, to Pierre
Paunch from overdoing it on Mexican food?
Perpetually, in verse
Pine- —
Plains home
Prez elected in '48
Puppy's bark
Reaction to inhaling element #2?
Repetitive cry of pain
See 75-Down
Set design
Seth's eldest son
Short guitar, for short
Small deer
Small ducks
Sonnet, e.g.
Sports show summary
Steers a ship's front right or left?
Stuff making a big bang
Talk noisily
Tasty bits
"That so?"
They may hold gold
Third letter
Tiny peeves
Tire inflation abbr.
Toothpaste brand of old
Trunk knot
Twisted wit used by a film's actors?
Unit of light
U.S. 10, e.g.
U.S. soldiers
Vast time span
Very hot shrubby wasteland?
Waterfall nymph
Wee bits
Winds off a spool
With 131-Across, listening intently
Without a — (very poor)
Wring (out)
Yalie's nickname
Yoko —
"You betcha"
"You ... over there ..."