January 7th 2018, Premier Sunday

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9-to-5er's weekly cry
Abbr. on a pay stub
Actor Bana or Stoltz
Actor Hinds of 2017's "Justice League"
Actress Davis of two "Matrix" films
Aiea's island
Airport stat
All-terrain vehicle
Alter totally
Arden the demolition contractor?
Ariz.-to-Kan. dir.
Art house film, often
Athletic team assoc.
Bailey the philosopher?
Basic deg. for designers
Behar the chef?
Benatar the dairy owner?
Benny the golfer?
Blog addition
Bounced down the court
Broccoli —
Car owners' org.
Caught at a rodeo
Certain wind player
Clinton the doctor?
Cold and wet
— -cone
Control in a clinical study
Cover for a truck bed
Crystal rubbers, perhaps
Curved arch
Cut, as pizza
Early TV's Stu
Ellington the Peppermint Pattie factory worker?
End profit
Ending for Israel
Et —
Evil smile
Eye, in Paris
"Fighting" Big Ten team
Film anew
Fjord city
Folder flap
Former Apple messaging software
Fuzzy stuff
Game with Wild cards
Get gold, e.g.
Get-out-of-jail money
Gets dilated
Girls in the family
Hardly fresh
High jump on a skateboard, informally
Hotel chain
Ivory's counterpart
Jab deliverer
Jamaican citrus fruit
Japanese cartoon art
Karmann — (bygone VW sports car)
Kelly the minister?
Kit — (candy bars)
Lacking a key, in music
Langston Hughes poem
Lauder of makeup
— lazuli
"Let's go!"
Like poison
Liotta the lamp designer?
LP replacers
Main dish
Markey and Bagnold
Martin the ticket collector?
Meal tie-on
Mean ruffian
Measures of memory
Morales of film and TV
More greasy
Mug in a pub
Nero's 160
Nitrogen compound
— noire
Nolte the clockmaker?
Not wobbly
Nuclear reactor tube
Nut with caffeine
One in a veil
One of Henry VIII's Catherines
Pay to play poker
"Please, Mommy, will you let us?"
Poet Nash
Polar pixie
Polar vehicle
Pollen lover
Pot for stew
Primate studier Fossey
Pt. of MIT or STEM
Reply to "Who's in charge here?"
Rice-based Spanish dish
Rock finale?
Rubik of cube fame
San Fran gridder
Scaring cry
Sealed, say
See 64-Down
"Semper Fi" mil. branch
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's purview
Shady giants
Ship parts
Skeleton part
Songwriter's creation
Spam, say
Spork parts
Spruce (up)
Stick — in the water
Supermodel Carangi or actress Scala
Target Center, e.g.
Tasty tubers
"The Flea" poet John
Troop body
Twisted wit
"Veni," in English
Very loudly, musically
Very small: Prefix
Villain in Disney's "Aladdin"
"Viva Zapata!" star
Waitress on TV's "Alice"
Went aboard
Wife on "The Addams Family," to her hubby
With 57-Across, Ali ring strategy
Words after all or hole