January 8th 2017, Premier Sunday

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#1 hit for the Troggs
19-season Yankee Rivera
1980s brand of jeans
A Nixon daughter
Advent mo.
Alan of film
Attach, as a sequin
Back of a 45
Ballet wear
Big name in drug indexes
Bowl stats
Breeding colony of penguins
— buco (Italian dish)
Bull battler
Bumps into
Camel, e.g., for short
Campbell's product
Capital of South Korea
China's Mao — -tung
Chose (to)
Church part
Clear up, as a mirror
Commercial start for Pen
Course: Abbr.
Cuts, as logs
Deep-fried side
Did slaloms, say
Didn't play in the game
Digestion aid
Director Preminger
Emu or owl
End of a 1/1 song
Entertainer Merman
Eritrean, e.g.
Extra charge
Fond du —, Wisconsin
Ford flops
Fraud figure Bernard
Fully mature
Fusing result
Generational disparity
Get finished
Gulp down quickly
Hacking it
"... hear — drop"
Hoity- —
"Hold it!"
HP or Acer products
Hydroxyl compounds
In the event that it's true
Ingredient in a Cuban sandwich
Inventor Tesla
Ireland's — Lingus
It may hold Holsteins
It's baked in a tube pan
Jr. officer
Kellogg's cereal
Krispy Kreme treats
Kwik-E-Mart operator
"La — Vita"
Leaning Tower locale
Left dreamland
Less binding
Less young
Like dirty floors
Linked with
Longtime "Family Circus" cartoonist Keane
Marine milieu
Mata — (Garbo role)
Move heavily
New Jersey borough east of Paramus
NFL luminary
NFL's Starr
No. on a new car's sticker
Objectivist Ayn
On — with
Orthodox beginning?
Pearl producer
"Pep O Mint" brand
"Permit Me Voyage" author
Potato chips, in London
Proud walk
Ramble on
"Ran" director Kurosawa
RCA product
Really hurt
River of Aragon
Rob (of)
Run, as an art exhibit
San Luis —
Sauce brand
"Search me"
See 53-Across
Series of Canon cameras
Settles (on)
Sheriff Taylor's son
Showing on television
Six- — (sub shop sandwich)
Slapstick fight missiles
SLR's "L"
Slugger Roberto
Some drops on crops
Spanish political units
Stadium snacks
"Strawberry Wine" singer Carter
Strip, in a way, as shrimp
Supermarket chain only selling items like the 10 featured in this puzzle?
Tall buildings
TGIF's "I"
They're often pimiento-stuffed
Times to remember
"T.N.T." rock band
To-do list
— Tomé and Príncipe
Trattoria entree
Treasured violin, in brief
Trial concern
Untidy state
"— vincit amor"
Walk along
Windmill part
Wise trio
With 72-Down, purring pet that doesn't go outside
Writer Levin
Yalta's peninsula
"You got it!"