July 1st 2018, Premier Sunday

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10th-century Holy Roman emperor
1970s sitcom
Address on the net
Aetna rival, for short
Alan of "The Aviator"
"Alive" actor Vincent
Ang of film
Art Deco illustrator
Auto navig. aid
Be a lure to
Beaten track
Big like Santa
Big names in daytime dramas
Bit of a laugh
Bodily digit
Bowling lane
— box (TV)
Boxer Spinks
Brand of toothbrushes
Bundle up
Bus or train schedule
Buy stuff
Campus VIP
— canto
Caroling tune
Castro of Cuba
Caught fish with pots
Certain eel
Certain intl. delegate
Cheri of comedy
Chop finely
Chou En- —
Coin maker
Comparable (with)
Core belief
Cowboy rope
Cut short
Daughter in "Hägar the Horrible"
Defiant types
"— Doone" (1869 novel)
Drill addition
Egypt, before 1971: Abbr.
Elon Musk's car company
End of the riddle
Ernie of golf
ESPN no.
Feel unwell
Figure skater Slutskaya
Foldout beds
Four halves
— -Free (contact lens solution)
French lady friend
Gloomy —
Good buy
Gremlins' kin
Guevara called "Che"
Houston baseballer
How-to book
"Iliad" writer
In — (lined up)
In this spot
Install, as tile
Jug type
Jumping stick
L-P link
"— la Douce"
— -law (non-blood relative)
Letter before sigma
Letters before xis
Like political cartoons
Lilting song syllables
Lumps of chewing tobacco
Lyricist Gershwin
Mama's ma
Marveled vocally
Match official
Material for jeans
Meanings in dicts.
Melodious passage
Michigan city
Mined metals
Minneapolis neighbor
Miracle food
Moving around
Mullah's faith
Munched on
Newspaper think pieces
Night's counterpart
Off the direct course
On the ocean
Onassis' nickname
One ruining something
Opening part of an email
"... or — thought!"
Part of ENT
Petty of films
Pill bottle info
Pipe bend
Porto Rico, par exemple
Riddle, part 2
Riddle, part 3
Riddle, part 4
Riddle, part 5
Riddle, part 6
Riddle's answer
Rock's — Speedwagon
Ross or Rigg
Rug type
Rural assent to a lady
Salami shop
Sch. in Columbus
Scotland's — Ness
Sigmoid curves
Siouan tribe
Sitting spot on Santa
Software testing phase
Sound of an air kiss
Spanish for "I love you"
Sprayed, with "down"
Spring flower
Start of a riddle
"Suffice — say ..."
Suffix with hero
Suffix with meteor
Supposed psychic gift
Sword part
Talked into
Tillage tool
Title for Elton John
To — (perfectly)
Treating unkindly
Unspecified travel destination
Wipe out
Write deeply
Yoko of art and music
Young deer