March 3rd 2019, Premier Sunday

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Actor Ladd
Adorn fussily
An inert gas
Animal coats
"Anthem" writer Rand
Anwar of Egypt
Bacon piece
Balm plant
Best Actress nominee for "Breaking the Waves"
Bit of Vail gear
Bona —
Book full of street maps
Brainy bunch
Breeding 1-Across
Brush up on
Campus workstation locale
Carne — (Baja dish)
Central area
Certain dwarf planet
Cheer shout
Christmas poem opener
City near Monterey
Cliffside nest
Clock info
Comedic actor Jackie
Comic blows
Comic Gilda
Composer Carl Maria — Weber
Con game
Cows' milk deliverers
"— culpa"
Culture base
Cut off stubble
Days of the week, e.g.
Deep pessimism
Delaware Valley tribe
Deodorant target
Desert in Mongolia
Don —
Drake's music
Engine stat
Extremely scarce
False appearances
Female adult
Filled the fuel tank, with "up"
Fitzgerald of jazz
Floats gently
Fox Sports alternative
French for "sad"
Give kudos
Give relief to
Good craps roll
Govt. agent
"Guys and Dolls" guy
Gym lifter's units
Haggard of country
Half of hexa-
High, rugged peak
Highly venomous cephalopod
Hit, as a gnat
"Holy cow!"
Hoof or paw
How fast a plane is flying
H.S. junior's exam
"I think," in texts
In a criminal way
Installed, as brick
Irish actor Stephen
It has fluttery leaves
Keats work
Knights, e.g.
Lhasa — (small dogs)
Livens (up)
Lure for fish
Maintains order over
Make hackneyed
Mechanical way to learn
Mickey and Sylvia hit of 1957
Morales in movies
Most cheeky
Naturalist Fossey
Novelist Tan
Optic layers
Org. in "The Martian"
Org. issuing nine-digit IDs
Palme —
Part of ABM
President pro —
Printer clog
Prisms' color bands
Pro or con
Provided juice for?
Pvt.'s superior
Queen, in Spanish
Regal Norse name
Retired professors
Rockers Clapton and Burdon
Roman 951
Saudi, e.g.
See 34-Down
Sinister powers
Small bite
"— Smile Be Your Umbrella"
Soft throw
Song from "Oklahoma!"
Sonny boys
Squiggly letters
Stallion, e.g.
Street — (urban acceptance)
Suddenly become alert
Suffix with hero
Sweet capsicum variety
Tending to radiate something
Tetley pouch
The Raptors, on NBA schedules
The "sum" of "Cogito, ergo sum"
Tic-toe link
Tomato variety
Totally dominate
Turn aside
Twirl, as one's thumbs
University in Nassau County
User of four-letter words
Visibly angry
Was a better peddler than
Was achy or regretful
Water, in Nantes
What you do when you look at the ends of nine long answers in this puzzle
Where ATandT is "T"
With 53-Down, requests
Wooed with tunes
Youth org. with troops