December 1st 2016, Universal

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A long time ago
Adept one
Adriatic, for one
Ain't written properly?
Almanac contents, briefly
Announcement from the cockpit
Any landlord with turnover
Artist's subject
Attempting to locate
Begrudger's feeling
Blink of an eye
Blood feuds
Broad range of related objects
Burgundy's black
Calculator feature
Chain of Hawaiian islands?
Church official in charge of sacred objects
___ Claire, Wisc.
Close by
"Come to think of it ..."
Companion of silks, sometimes
Country lodgings
Detail map, often
Difficult position
Down the hatch
Drug-approving org.
Exaggerating Henry nearly fainted from ...
Exaggerating Henry reminisces about ...
Exaggerating Henry stays calm when he ...
Fashion hair into a bun, e.g.
Fencing weapon
Fergie's real name
First murder victim
Former communist state
Go free, in prison-lingo
Government procurement org.
Green start?
Gridiron fake
Ice fisherman's hole-maker
___ Island Red
It causes delirium in cattle
It's often the last movement of a sonata
"La Bamba" actor Esai
Lyric verses
Mama on the farm
Mo. when "Boo" is heard
Mom of 10-Down
Much more than chubby
Newt-born babe?
Nineteenth of a well-known 26
Norse goddess of love
Old Mercury
On the 30-Down
One with a beat
Perfume with a lit stick
Plant with yellow flower clusters
Possessive often written incorrectly
Put away for storage
Puts the kibosh on
Remove, as chalk
Sandra of "Gidget"
Severe pain spasm
Shows appreciation for good service
Sleeper's woe
Soap opera fodder
Staples of many offices
The 521 in a decade
Thing pulled in an old voting booth
Things on an agenda
Turns from white to gray
Unchivalrous man
Washed oneself