December 21st 2016, Universal

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3,600 ticks
Accept a challenge
Admit, country-style (with "up")
African antelope with distinctive horns
Ahs complements
"As ___" (letter closing)
Assistant coach, e.g.
Battle-of-the-sexes team
Bismarck the "Iron Chancellor"
Blow that horn!
Celebrates birthday after birthday
Center of the "Elba" palindrome
Chanel of perfume
Chinese restaurant flowers
Collect, as rewards
Come out of nowhere?
Cropped photographs?
Cubic liter
Didn't sell or lend out
Do a bit of math
Do more than just smell
Dog irritant
Eager enthusiasm
Expendables on a golf course
Give the brush-off to
Greek gyro breads
How many times "in a lifetime"?
Ill-fated husband of Bathsheba
Is in the skyscraper business
It can make the grade
It engages a ratchet wheel
It's around a foot
Its job is to run for you
It's quaint and roomy
Knot in a tree, e.g.
Ladies of the house in Mexico
Lake linked to the Hudson River
Large, grassy plain
Leapers in a Christmas song
Major blood carrier
Major direction
Member of the British nobility
Minor criticisms
More than admire
Museum feature
Nest high off the ground
___ of Fundy
On the house
One of the James Bond portrayers
Part of a road
Place for professional sporting events
Place to find a shovel
Pollution component
Pre-owned, to a dealer
Prickly seed case (Var.)
Raze (with "down")
"Rebel Yell" rocker Billy
Respond to, as an opportunity
Say "That's nothing!" e.g.
Space letters
Splendid display
Stan the superhero creator
Terrier type
Thick, black, gooey substance
Three things you don't have to refrigerate
Title for a French gentleman
To's counterpart
Two things you don't have to refrigerate
___ up (relented)
Vandalized an auto, in a way
Wear away gradually
What a drawbridge might cover
With brains
Word with "Mongolia" or "limits"