February 12th 2017, Universal

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"___ a high note"
Aaron Spelling's daughter
Advanced degree exams
Angler's supply
Aromatic pouch
Cattle poker
Celeste of old Hollywood
Chanel and others
Cookie brand
Cosmetics ingredient
Could correctly answer
Course commonly before calc
Cubic cordwood measure
Dance or dip type
Dates arranged by friends
Daytona participant
Drifting upon the Pacific
Exit, per P.T. Barnum
Expression with a protruding lip
Farmland unit
Fathered a foal
"Finding Nemo" environment
Former Spanish gold coin
Found new tenants for
Good stuff to find in a mine
Gushed forth
Have a dull pain
Hems and ___
Island near Martinique
It makes flour finer
Jarring surprise
Leaves a snowy state?
Like idyllic country life
Like slick roads
Little jobs
Lounge around
Love greatly
Main, 34th and Elm (Abbr.)
Marge's animated neighbor
Max bested Buffalo Bill with the ...
Message spelled out in the sand, sometimes
Milk dispensers
Mixture or medley
Museum's offering
Myanmar currency
New Hampshire's state flower
Nitro's cousin
No one shuns like Max because he gives the ...
Not a liquid or gas
OK to eat
One way to unload merchandise
Opposed, on a stereotypical farm
Overly confident
Parisian currency
Photographers of celebs, in slang
Poem of homage
Prefix with "body" or "matter"
Quantity of yarn
Quite a lot
Racetrack shape
Remove all doubt
Remove secure roping from
River bank deposits
Rosy part of the face
Showy shoulder wraps
Slog through a stream
Small jazz ensemble
Stand for an orator
Surrender, as property
Thanks to the best razors, Max was ...
Things to obey
Word with "blitz" or "center"
Word with main or blessed
Work with patterns