February 18th 2017, Universal

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1st or 2nd type of number?
Animal aviator
Any clothing brand
Asian tie
Axed to the ground
Bacall of old Hollywood
Baltic Sea republic
Bans from one's country
Beachcomber's discovery
Beige cousin
Bend with a breeze
Body of cultural values
Business attire
Certain woodwind
Come out of hiding
Converses, in '60s slang
Corn part
Croquet target
Cry on a hound hunt
Dance named for an aviation hero
Disgusted and then some
Do sum work
Dole's 1996 running mate
Double-high checker
Dries up in the sun
Eldest son of Isaac
Emcee's opener
Englishman, slangily
Enjoyer of any product
Enter new data
Escaped, as from jail
Exerciser's target, often
Feeling of rage
Fit of fever
Flanders of TV
Flower part
Formers of the wave
"... ___ gloom of night ..."
Held to its full time, in music
"Help, quick!"
Hit with a "Star Trek" gun
Hot breakfast staple
Know intuitively
Lawn intruder
Mama bighorn
Message from a successful riot squad?
Narrow board strip
Obedient dog, at times
Obviously befuddled?
Olympic powerhouse
Oven for hop-roasting
___ Paulo, Brazil
Person to have lunch with, perhaps
Poetic contraction
Prefix with "phone"
Prohibition ender?
Regional plant life
Right-angled shape
Shakespearean "very soon"
Skin cream ingredient, often
Sneakers' needs
Stage item
Stuff to the gills
Super introduction?
Swiss canton
Take eraser to sketch pad?
Tap-danced, in slang
Thin trails of smoke
Tree chopper (var.)
What Wednesday's child is full of
"Where are you?" response, sometimes
Winter Palace ruler of old
Yoko of music