January 23rd 2017, Universal

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Arrow-shooter on Olympus
Bathsheba's ill-fated husband
Be a good sport
Be extremely generous
Beaut or stunner
Betsy Wetsy maker
Bit of land in the sea
Bitter brew
Blueprint contents
Champion's prize, sometimes
Chinese "bear"
Cockatoo topper
Colored part of the eye
Colossal, in the film biz
Common spicy snack
Cook's thickening agent
Court summons
Create text
Dignified manner or conduct
"Do-well" start
Dovetail joint part
Fairly matched
Father's female sibling, to you
Fizzle on Broadway
Flower with sword-shaped leaves
Former Italian currency
Gas burner of labs
Glimpse in the distance
Good buddy
Harp ancestors
Hyperlinked item, often
Ink mishap
Involuntary twitch, e.g.
"It's been ___ pleasure!"
It's far from a full meal
Keats offering
Kidnapper's demand
Killed, as a dragon
Kind of lodge
Leak slowly
Like a wet noodle
Like many cars for sale
Load on board
Main artery from the heart
Makes wine "fine"
Mas' guys
Monstrous loch
Nautical spine
Nice book?
Old-fashioned "Goodness!"
Outpouring, as of words
Part of a phone number
Place with water jets
Poker fees
Poker player's giveaway
Really strapped for cash
Relief or alleviation
Romantic poetry's "before"
See 24-Across
Semi-aquatic alligator relative
Series shutout
Stand around aimlessly
Starchy veggie, in slang
Strong impulse
Tattered clothing, e.g.
The act of sticking together
The Roaring Twenties and others
The stuff of bird feeders
Tinker with text
Unidentified Jane or John
Vacation involving packing
What high spirits and eagles do
What's at the end of a tunnel, proverbially
Word often cut from headlines
Words of rejection