January 26th 2017, Universal

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Account that's way overdrawn?
Address to a king
Anger or choler
Any animated character
Beach in Florida
Bee collectible
Bibliography notation
Big ___ (WW1 howitzer)
Bit of history
Blows minds
Branch offshoots
Brinker of the silver skates
Calls the shots?
Ceremonial ashes receptacle
Chloroform relative
City in Scotland
Come by or acquire
Dental space?
Did freezer maintenance
Drum kit essential
Early fur baron of note
Evidence that's tough to dispute
Exhibit a clerical skill
Facial expression of scorn
Fill with high spirits
Flower associated with Easter
Forest fluid
Having no warranty
High-quality rating
It may tingle when one is frightened
Kind of blanket or eel
Kind of plant or lunch
Lacking in physical strength
Leaves leaving an addiction?
Legendary movie star Poitier
Light bulb thread
Like many bathroom floors
Lonely way to attend prom
Lorne of "Bonanza"
Make a valiant effort
"Me ___!"
Midwestern landscape
Name on a book jacket
Nine-day prayer ritual
Number of years in a decade
Olympic jacket letters, for some
One paid to deliver
One with a nest egg?
Opposite of a neatnik
Pester constantly
Petty officer on a merchant ship
Photo ___ (campaign P.R. events)
"___ porridge hot ..."
Presidential first name, twice
Put in harmony
Russell or Saldana of Hollywood
Saying little on purpose
Shark piece
Skim milk trimming
Society page word
Soft "hey, you"
Some new dads
Some print shop measures
Some relatives
Some Russian fighter jets
Sprouted like a weed
Suitable for the circumstances
Surrealist Salvador
"The ___ of Pooh"
Tokyo currency
Track setting?
White-tailed raptor
Word often with "neither"
X-ray discoverer