March 4th 2018, Universal

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A foreign currency unit
Acupuncture necessity
Affectionate terms
Air pressure letters
All over again
Arms control subject
Bauxite, e.g.
Bridge length
Brother of Moses
Bumper sticker kin
Buttonless shirt
Chopped wood measure
Churchyard's nickname
Cream of the crop
Damage, as a surface
Dance with a queen
D.A.'s, essentially
Diminutive ender
Extracted metal from
Fashion plate
Fluttery-leaved tree
Genius Einstein
Get in the way of
Get - start link
Grandson in Genesis
Holmes' creator
Hoped-for merger result
Huge groups
Imply necessarily
Insisted on
Kiln kin
Light benders
Like a notched leaf
Like jokes you've heard
Little pound cries
Little rascal
Make drinkable, as sea water
"Musket" end
Not once, poetically
Of no avail
___ over (helped to endure)
Perk for an athlete
Petroleum plant
Picnic pest
Pirate's potation
Places of human growth
Powdered cleanser
Ready-for-market goods
Same, in footnotes
Sax player's need
Semi trucks
Shakespeare lover?
Sired, in Exodus
Skin designs, briefly
Small brown finch
Snaked place
Someplace ___ (away)
Spookily strange
Suffix for the directions
Summed thing
Tennis match start
"___ the night before ..."
"Thesis" start
Thieves' place
Tolkien monster
Toothpaste-pushing org.
Type, as of animals
Type of cavity
Under the weather
With no duration
Yukon area, for short