September 25th 2016, Universal

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10 of calendars briefly
19th letter of the Greek alphabet
A single time
Acid type
Address for a dot-com
Affirmative responses
Andean land
Apiece in scores
Appear in thin air
Arboretum item
"Ask ___ what your country ..."
"Aviv" header
Baker's sweet
Barbecue offering
Barely leading on the scoreboard
Barfly's binge
Bartender on TV's Pacific Princess
Beaver's work
Become frozen
Bird that can't take flight
Bits of food
Blurred as a signature
Botanical swelling
Brief quarrel
Brilliant acclaim
Brought into play
Cabin location often
Camembert's kin
Caribbean e.g.
Caring and decent to others
Carve in stone
Catcher's offering
Caught off base
CD predecessors
Certain machine gun
Charlotte team
Chasers at times
Cheese fanciers
Christmas drink
Common sound systems
Confuses and entertains
Corner of the market
Corrosive in cells
"Dallas" role
Detested rodents
"___ does it!"
Dream Team country
Egg cells
English exam finale often
Even the score
Fairy-tale bridge minders
___ fast (caught in a race)
Felt topper
Female seal group
Fiery funeral mounds
Fireplace stands
Foreman vanquisher
Former Spanish coins
Freeway catastrophe
Game for "it"
Game with matchsticks
Garden bulb
Gazed steadily and impolitely
Genetic material
Gift tag word
Go up and down as an apple
Group on the payroll
Guinness World Records suffix
Have a hunch
Health store beans (var.)
Hip-hop's Elliott
Historic time
H.S. biology topic
Impressive degree
Involve deeply
Is a keynote speaker
It gets roasted
It may be beaten or bucked
It's hardly a convertible
John Hancock famously
Lady Liberty for one
___ Lanka (Ceylon)
Large bay window
Like a pink steak
Lip-___ (mouths the words)
Lord of literature
Mai ___ (rum cocktail)
Make possible
Moe famously
More like a squid's defense
Narc's org.
Ness and Lomond
Net work?
Noncommittal answer
Offspring acquired by marriage
Old cinema star
One-celled creatures (var.)
"Originally named"
Overthrow e.g.
Par ___ (French airmail)
Part of a foot
"+" pole
Pond buildup
Poppa's significant other
Prefix with "state"
Present occasions
Presidential nickname
Protective layer
Protein often
Protractor's measure
Put off
Put ___ show
Race track shape
Secret agent org.
Semiaquatic salamanders
Service charge
Shake a leg
Sheets of cotton
Skimpy beach attire
Some animal shelters
Some bays
Some cheap hooch
Sound of a BB striking tin
Stage as a show
Stash away
Steer clear of
"Stupid me!"
"The ___ Reed Show"
Things displayed at checkpoints
Three-player cardgames
Time for the elderly?
Treetop dwelling
Trials and tribulations essentially
Viewed anew
Viral internet item
Virtually guaranteed as a victory
Warmed the bench
Wartime motivators
Wood lighters?
WWII sub
"You don't mean me?"
You-here separator