April 3rd 2018, USA Today

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Alan of "The Longest Ride"
Any tune by 55-Across, now
Beam from a pointer
Bear with a too-hard chair
Biodegrade, say
Bookworm, stereotypically
Bouquet tosser
Bronte governess
Caterers' vessels
Cheer to a flamenco dancerend
Cocktail napkin jotting
"Common Sense" author Thomas
Cougar, by another name
Couldn't stomach
Dinghy pair
Drain-unclogging chemicals
Emblem on the Swiss flag
Emulated, in a way
Event for feline fanciers
Features of some antique bathtubs
Feb. 14 word
"Field of Dreams" state
Gel-producing plant
Gets in shape, with "up"
Glued to the tube, say
Goes on to say
Grand Prix competitors
Growth on trunks
Had a taste of
Hard or sweet beverage
ISP purchased by Verizon
Jackrabbits, really
Jugs on washstands
Keep a nest egg
Lena of "The Reader"
Like a laptop
Listen to Mom, say
Lyft alternative
Many a Syrian
Many moons
McIlroy of the PGA
Meal for corporate bigwigs
Memorizer of lines
No-win situation?
OTC part
Peanut yield
"Peggy Sue" singer
Plantation of fiction
Pool hall accessory
Prop for Fred Astaire
"Purebred clown," to Garfield
Rafael, tennis's "King of Clay"
Remove stubble
Reward for merit
Rock's Fleetwood ___
Set aside specially, as funds
Singapore's locale
"SOS" pop group
Starbucks stack
State of the Union address rebuttal
Steeped brew
Take unfair advantage of
Talent show groups
Target of a boxer's body blow, often
"That's all ___ wrote"
Third-largest country in South America
Tool with jaws
Top point of a roof
Trampled (on)
Two-palms-down signal
Walk like a tosspot
"Welcome to Hawaii!"
What a comma calls for
Where disembarkers go
Withdraws, as from mother's milk
Words of wisdom
Works a happy hour, say