December 12th 2016, Usa Today

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___ acid (protein part)
Air rifle ammo
Anthem contraction
Any of Mel Blanc's thousand
App-based car service
Baker who sang "Sweet Love"
Ballerina's pivot point
Beats by a hair
"Better Call ___" ("Breaking Bad" spinoff)
Biscotti flavoring
Brimming with information
Caesar or Hirohito
Cause of cramming
Causing goose bumps
Change-machine bills
Child's sports outfit
Comedy-routine first baseman
Concoctions in cauldrons
Court event
Crawler in a colony
Crooner Perry
"Cupcake Wars" appliance
Default consequence, briefly
Deimos and Phobos, to Mars
Dental hygiene brand
Dreads sporter, perhaps
Expert, slangily
Field sport of ancient Iran?
Fit-to-be-tied feeling
Flight zone
Ghost that haunts kidvid character Pokey?
Give the heave-ho to
Handy hints
Happen as a result
Hard Rock Stadium gridder
Harp's smaller cousin
Hip-hopper's headgear
Honored the judge's entrance
In all of history
In the matter of
KenKen calculation, perhaps
Knocked the socks off
Knocks the socks off
Knotts with a "nervous Nellie" persona
Luau garland
Made a rip in
Military academy headdress?
Milky gemstones
Musical scale's span
Nearly identical
Newborn Newfoundland
Not yet refined
Noxious emanation
One-eyed Norse deity
One of Tennessee's two state flowers
PC port type
Pixar character with a lucky fin
___ polloi
Pooh's pessimistic pal
Pour water on
Prospector's find
Provide with sustenance
Pug's milieu
Put aside for later
Scouting outing
Scriptural shepherd
Shop steward's group
Souvlaki meat, often
Stitched border
Striped cat in a rush?
Swindler's scheme
Take four of four games, say
Tango move
Vampire, at times
Volleyball team count
Voted down
"Your point being . . . ?"