December 1st 2016, USA Today

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Adjective for Methuselah
Amorphous mass
Bar mitzvah figure
Bother to no end
Bratty kid in "Blondie"
Bug planter
Canadian tribesman
Cavern effect
Checkroom item
Cheese in spinach pie
Come down with
Compulsive gambler's woe, often
Coral formation
Craigslist posts
Current unit, for short
Cut of beef or pork
Dead-end job
Director Kurosawa
Doesn't exist
Dr. Dre and Kanye West, for two
Dustin in "Midnight Cowboy"
Epeeist's score
Equestrian's handful
Erie Canal mule
Explorer girl of kids' TV
Fabulous shape
First lady before Michelle
Fountain of Youth site, in legend
Four-star review
Fruit used to flavor gin
Get the goat of
Get the point of
Girl Scouts unit
Hay unit
High point
House member (Abbr.)
In a tough spot
In charge of
In play
Initial stage
Instruments for Parker and Coltrane
Ivory or Coast
Like 8-Down
Like die-hard rooters
Like Tabasco sauce
Like well-worn jeans
Likely to mouth off
Linen source
Many a summer worker
Many Rx writers
Musical break
None-of-the-above choice
Online shopping center
Opposite of "to"
"___ or plastic?"
Pillager's take
Poolside footwear
Promontory Point's state
Reason to drink
Renovation of a sort
Route-suggesting iPhone app
Runs on TV
Salary limit
Shakespeare-based Verdi opera
Shaving stuff
Sits precariously
SpaceX CEO Musk
Take a chance
The yoke's on them
They help you stand tall
Turf's menu partner
Unwrap impatiently
Urban front steps
Wanted-poster letters
Wrestler Hulk
Yuletide treat