February 7th 2018, Usa Today

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". . . ___ a lender be"
Auctioneer's "Deal!"
Banish to the salt mines
Be inquisitive
Campus hangouts, familiarly
Campy neckpieces
Chad or Rob of moviedom
Chain that offers tropical fruit pizzas?
Cocktail party nibble
Conclusions of mountaineering trips
Cooking oil option
Corrosive chemicals
Coupe's cousin
Deserving one star, perhaps
Dislike big-time
Dominate, in sports lingo
East African sunbathers' woes?
Electrician's headache
Engaged in sibling rivalry, say
Enjoy a banquet
Entertainer's asset
Eyre's chronicler
Formally turned over
George M. who composed "Over There"
Georgetown squad
Greta who played Mata Hari
Gridders whose helmets depict horns
Guevara who narrates "Evita"
Gush onstage
Gym rat's music source
H, to Heracles
Hardly rosy-cheeked
He, to she
Hero's place
Huffy mood
Items in a Spanish painter's still life?
It's great for most hoopsters
Jack who ate no fat
Jackson in the Country Music Hall of Fame
Like animals in a petting zoo
Like barbecue fare
Like Rogaine users
Lugosi of "Dracula"
Marble with a swirl pattern
Mars or the moon
Martini order
Musketeer cap feather
On ___ (like freelance submissions)
Petition-tabling congressional resolution
"Positively Entertaining" TV network
Propels, as a rickshaw
Puts on a pedestal
"r," in texts
Rascally tyke
Ready to cruise
Rocked beds
"Rocky Horror" fans et al.
Running late
Script parts for actress Roberts?
Sharp left, from most boxers
Some legislative bodies
___ stick (springy toy)
Strauss or Salieri composition, perhaps
Studio tour stop
Sunburn gel additive
Sunrise frequency
Surname on applesauce jars
Tibia and fibula
Tribal tales
Typically black cars
Walk like an elephant
"We should do this!"
Wed on the fly
Woodstock's home, in "Peanuts"
Word before "a few" or "a while"