July 1st 2017, Usa Today

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2015 nuke deal signatory
Abdul of pop
Act the bellyacher
Affectedly cultured
Airline seat attachment
Any of Jim Morrison's bandmates
Astronauts' beverage
Attempts to secure
Award refused by Brando
Blair of "The Exorcist"
Bombards with expletives
Boston Marathon wreath makeup
Center of Napoleon's palindrome
City near Lake Tahoe
Clear of data
Club in a Manilow song
Colored part of the eye
Comedy cohort of Howard and Howard
Completed a stolen-base attempt, say
Crude-producing org.
Destinations of some errant tee shots
Drummer replaced by Starr
Element named for a two-time Nobelist
Essen's region
Fashionista's concern
___ Flynn Boyle of "The Practice"
Get into a difficult spot
GOP part
Have a hunch
Hobby farm denizens
Iberian Peninsula river
Important stat in Cy Young balloting
Impress at an interview, say
Inauguration Day event
"___ It" (1983 Cruise movie)
Lava, prior to surfacing
Lhasa ___ (dog breed)
Like 1913 Liberty Head nickels, vis-a-vis 1913 Buffalo nickels
Like a squid's discharge
Like many dorms, now
Like much of Chicago in October 1871
London's ___ End
Many an October birth
Menlo Park monogram
"Messenger" material
No later than
Number on a foam finger
One on your side
Online application, for short
___ Paese cheese
Peak near Messina
Per ___ (salary phrase)
Planets, to poets
Play for a patsy
President lampooned by Chevy Chase
Provoke, as to anger
Put pressure on
Red Hots or Atomic Fireballs
Red socks, to the Red Sox
Refuse to grant
___ rigueur (literally)
Ruffle the feathers of
Saintly quality
"See ya!"
Shakespeare's ___ Theatre
Skype necessity, for short
Slalom paths
"Summertime," e.g.
Swap identities, perhaps
Taking one's cuts
Talk like Don Corleone
Target of some kicks
Tough nut to crack
Website where you can do the first parts of 17-, 26- and 44-Across
Woodwind with nearly a three-octave range
Word before map or rug
Young ___ (small fry)