July 2nd 2017, Usa Today

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1.1-ounce iPod
2013 Heisman Trophy winner
___ 51 (secretive site)
"A likely story!"
Adams who draws "Dilbert"
Alternative to "Gesundheit!"
Andre who won all four tennis majors
Anti-sub weapon, slangily
Aunt Bee's charge
Big name in crafts and fabrics
Bowery denizens, before gentrification
Bullwinkle, for one
Coin-in-a-fountain sound
"Commander in Chief" star
Common wear at a Jimmy Buffett concert
Count, as votes
Cut and paste, say
Deuce topper
Device on which an Apple Pencil may be used
Divvy up
"Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" speaker
Email folder heading
Exec's "Now!"
Fill to the gills
First word of "Jabberwocky"
Get mileage from
Greek vowel resembling an English consonant
Halloween deeds
Himalayan sources of butter
Hits the road
In a bit, to bards
In the proverbial cellar
John Wayne moniker
Leader of rock's Detroit Wheels
___ moment (epiphany)
Musical based on the songs of ABBA
Nabisco's answer to the Hydrox
Napa Valley sight
"Odds ___ . . ."
Opportunities, figuratively
Pageant entrant's asset
Pan's opposite
Part of a witch costume, perhaps
Patronize Spago, say
PC key near Shift
People of Peru's Sacred Valley
Pesky kid in "Blondie"
Place for a marina
Poster holder
POTUS office shape
Pro-___ (some tourneys)
Proctored event
Prop for Mr. Peanut
Pursuer of Capone
Reason to use Retin-A
Record label for Cream
Red sky, to some
Runner-up to Maris in 1961
Salamander that metamorphoses
Scopes Trial org.
See 46-Down
Setting for TV's "Newhart"
Ship sunk in 1898
Shoulder-fired weapon, for short
Showing no fear
"Splitsville, USA," once
Spread gossip
Squandered, as a lead
Thing to confess
Toon skunk Le Pew
Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C.
Waters in Exodus
Wet behind the ears
With 41-Down, "ER" star
Word before poll or interview
Words of approximation
Yearly journey for Earth
Yuletide drinks