June 12th 2017, Usa Today

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A-Rod and J-Lo, in March 2017 headlines
Adorable sort
Afternoon tea time, traditionally
Angler's enticement
Apple desktop with a Retina display
Auditioner's CD
Baskin-Robbins buy
Bird feeder morsel
Bring in from the field
Captain's record on "Star Trek"
Cheer for a flamenco dancer
Cheesy diner entrees
Choose to participate
Coat with BBQ rub, say
Corporate barrier, figuratively
Creates, as a comic strip
Disney friend of Thumper
Elevator button symbol
Embers emanation
Errand runners
Eyed wolfishly
Farther down the page
Fed lines to
Final stages
Got wind of
Green who sang "Forget You"
Greenskeeper's consideration
Hasidism, e.g.
Herd's setting
Idi Amin, in Saudi Arabia
Indefinite quantity
Indonesian tourist mecca
Infantry weapon of old
"Is there more?"
It's lifted by a cancan dancer
Jack-in-the-box top
Kuwaiti VIP
Like beer at a tailgate party, say
Luau serving
Make 1-Down
Marathon marker figure
Maze solver's goal
Measure of a firm's worth
"Miami Vice" co-star
Mischievous tot
Nation with a cedar on its flag
"Nixon in China" role
Not-very-deep parts of rivers
Olympus residents
"Only Time" New Ager
"Paper or plastic?" items
Places for pints
Plants yielding soothing extracts
Religion of Haiti
Resistance unit
Responded to the 34-Down
"Rushmore" director Anderson
Sauces with tortilla chips
Sawyer, previously of "20/20"
Second word of many limericks
Short-term staffers, for short
Showing no mercy
Sign of a sprained ankle
Sign of what's ahead
Sing with nonsense syllables
Six-day-per-week delivery
Skybox locale
Sleep interrupter, perhaps
Statement from the accused
Tense moment at Wimbledon
Time span defined by a presidency
Trivial mistakes
Unmannerly fellow
Way up or down
Wines commonly served with beef
With respect to
Word before donna or ballerina