March 1st 2017, Usa Today

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12/24 or 12/31
A drawbridge may span it
"___ a good one!"
Achilles or Ajax
AFB part
"Amazing Grace," e.g. cart unit
Artist's cap, stereotypically
Bake sale-sponsoring org.
Barely-passing 52-Across
Barely sufficient
"Be right with you!"
Bearded zoo animal
"___ big to fail"
Bleacherites, e.g.
Boxing's "Louisville Lip"
Brazilian soccer legend
Call off, at Canaveral
"Cat" or "hat" sound
Collegiate Bulldog
Component of a Skype call
Concerning, in law
Concert setting
"Deck the Halls" syllables
Defoe's titular castaway
Diana of "The Avengers"
Dire Straits hit with the lyrics "I want my MTV"
Full of energy
"___ goes nothing!"
Got completely correct
Hair-raising stuff
Halves of diameters
Handouts to the poor
Home to 177 canals
Hotel freebie
Howard Cosell, notably
Hydropower structure
"I think," in texts
Justin Timberlake's label
"Law & Order: ___"
Like lemon juice
Like Thor and Loki
Lip balm additive
Locket shapes
"LOL," verbalized
Longtime rival of Sampras
Lower in rank
Marina del ___, Calif.
Meat in many gyros
Monotonous in cadence
More "out there"
More than suggest
New Year's projectile, maybe
Not yet filled (Abbr.)
Obedience school command
Off-the-backboard 2-pointers
One can be found at the starts of 17-, 29- and 45-Across
Oscar-winning Roberto Benigni movie of 1997
Packed away
Piece in the game Battleship
Places for picnics
Pyramid scheme, e.g.
Rainbow ___ (food fish)
River of Dresden
Santa ___ winds
Sea nymph of Greek myth
Securely closed
Small Oreo size
Speak like Cicero
Starbucks vessel
Texter's "r"
Transcript figure
Trendy fleece-lined boots
Tube top?
Tubular pasta
Victims of kitchen traps
Witchy woman
Word before printer or pointer