November 11th 2016, Usa Today

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Apollo missions
Baby's early word
Bench press counts
Break into, as a computer
Brewer's vessel
Burrowing marsupial
Citrus named for its appearance
Coarse tool
"Cogito, ___ sum"
Cowboy's greeting
Credit card motion
Descartes quoted in 2-Down
Distress call
Divot, essentially
Egg on
Elbows, but not knees
Emotional damage
Epic tale
Fashion's Cassini
Fig. that's high for hybrid cars
First-class passenger's amenity
Fizzy drink
Fruit container
Gasped in awe
Gather bit by bit
Gawked at
Get bushed
Happy hour shout
Hat or hand preceder
Hole-in-one, usually
Jason's ship
Keeps out
Lakota leader at Little Bighorn
Larger ___ life
Like an unassisted triple play
Like Robin Hood's men
Line from the left ventricle
Makes tough
Mary Quant skirt design
Merle Haggard's "___ From Muskogee"
Milk of Magnesia target
Mosquitoes, to bats
Move like slime
Neutral shade
Old Order Amish, e.g.
Pained expression?
Pickpocket, e.g.
Place for a ship's figurehead
Public square
Ranked player at Wimbledon
Run up, as debt
Seashell seller in a tongue-twister
Small fry
Soft drink suffix
Soft, in music
Some rugs
Some square dancers
Some Subway offerings
Spandex fiber
Squirrel away
"Stalag 17" extras
Study all night, say
Synagogue quorum
Synagogue scroll
Take a wrecking ball to
"The ___ and the Pendulum"
"The show," to a minor leaguer
Toad feature
Trash bag closers
Trial setting
Visitor to Earth
Went ballistic
What quibblers split
Where Snooki hung out