November 18th 2016, USA Today

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Adopter of Stitch, in a Disney movie
Antelope playmates of song
Bailiff's order
Batting practice aid
Become an ex-smoker
Blew away
Brooks of spoof movies
Case of boredom, with "the"
Chunks of history
Classroom surprise
Clumsy sort
Command after "Sit!"
Convention attendee
Cozumel coins
Credit card abuser's woe
Cut of meat near the flank
Dracula's target
Drop in the mail
Drops an easy one
Dust Bowl migrant
Easy on the eyes
Fleet-footed avian
Fraternity initiation, e.g.
Funds for finders
Grand Canyon formation
Group for boaters
Had the nerve
Hider in children's books
Homer's "Stupid me!"
"Hump day" (Abbr.)
Jet black
Jimmy Carter's first budget director
Less hospitable
Like Buffalo winters, typically
Lo-cal, on some beer cans
Lunar stages
Luxury car until the 1930s
Middle schooler, perhaps
More collectible, perhaps
Name in fine china
Niagara Falls sound
Nosh on
Old flames
Openly disobeys
Patton or Sherman crew members
Pie piece
Prop on Pat Sajak's show
Pundits' columns
Recedes from shore
Respond on "Jeopardy!"
River of Tours
Samuel Adams offering
Side with a sandwich
Split to unite
"Sully's" profession
Sundae topping
Sunlit lobbies
Talk like Porky
"That hit the spot!"
"The Sound of Music" peaks
Three-layered treat
Toe treatment, for short
Tofu bean, to a Brit
Totally wow
Trail mix eater, perhaps
U-shaped instrument
Urge onward
Used a buffer on
Vast in scope
Wasn't an absentee
Wave wildly
What a press pass provides
Worm on a hook, say
___ wrench (L-shaped tool)
Zoning unit