November 25th 2016, Usa Today

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A handful of
Alaskan gold rush town
Andy's sitcom son
Auctioneer's cry
Be an also-ran
Be crazy about
"Bearded" bloom
Bills depicting Jefferson
Central nervous system part
Chaucerian stories
Circus routine
Cold-weather fishing place
College math class, for short
Compass creation
Construction site wear
Cruise quarters
Cuba libre mixer
Cuts short at Canaveral
Dashboard array
___ Doggie (cartoon canine)
Droning lecturer, say
Dwarf planet discovered in 2005
Eel in sushi rolls
Fateful day for Caesar
Former Fox talent show, for short
Get decked out
Go at a breakneck pace
Go like the dickens
Golf or tennis teacher
Google ___ (map tool)
Greek dialect
Hard-hit line drive
Hard-to-resist impulse
"Humble" home
Inventor's flash
Islands garland
It talks, in a saying
KFC piece
Leo or Libra
"Les ___" (B'way musical)
Lobster part
Made donkey sounds
Marquee name
Mean mutt
More ticked off
Move like the Blob
Nameless auth.
Nurse at a bar
Paddock parent
Paris-area hub
Parks of civil rights
Peter of "Casablanca"
PlayStation maker
Pleasant young fellow
President before Dwight
Prison outbreak
Prop for Harpo Marx
Reliable moneymaker
Seldom-used players
Shakespeare's Kate, for one
Socially inept sort
Spiral-shaped part of a fastener
St. Teresa's city
Statue of Rhodes
Sunup times
Swiss ___ (vegetable)
Synthesizer pioneer
Theater seating area
Thick with vegetation
Tokyo shopping mecca
Turbaned teacher
Turn back to 000
Use a sieve on
Value of Q, in Scrabble
Vessel with a spigot
Was decked out in
Wealthy one
Well-briefed about