November 5th 2016, Usa Today

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21-Across find
Adolph who owned The New York Times
Anita, the "Jezebel of Jazz"
Baker's fat
Beat, but barely
Bicycle wheel part
Bill figure
Cabbage Patch item
Cadillac CTS, e.g.
Capital where kroner are spent
Collectors' goals
Cordial glass part
Cuba's Castro
Cyclotron bits
Dean's list fig.
Deck out
Dined's partner
Duff, on "The Simpsons"
Dutch town with a cheese market
Electric meter measure
Felt remorse over
First name in scat
Forty-niner's find
Frighten suddenly
Fuel consisting of hydrogen and carbon monoxide
Game show group
Garden figurines
Geographical datum
Girder fastener
Hurrying along
IBM PC knockoff
i.e., spelled out
Ingredient in soap manufacture
Less irregular
___ Major (Sirius' constellation)
Maker of Civics
Miner's bonanza
More than suggest
One end of a No. 2
Pay a visit
Penguin's hangout
Penner of praise
Phrase on a dollar bill
Picks from a lineup
Plays like Coltrane
Pledge drive bags
Puff up
React to a tearjerker
Removed from copy
Rink fake
Rival of Hertz
Salt lick visitor
Scattered, as seed
Secluded valley
Sighter of pink elephants
Sikorsky of aviation
Skelton's Kadiddlehopper
Slip away from
Smelting byproduct
Spherical bacteria
Sprinkler hookup
Squandered, as a lead
State proposed by the Mormons
Sulking mood
Sultan's entourage
___ Thesaurus
Tiramisu cake
Treat with graham crackers
Tri-level cookie
Turned tail
Turner, the "Sweater Girl"
Turns on a pivot
Twill fabric
Warning sign to trespassers, maybe
Work in C++
"___ y Plata" (Montana motto)