September 30th 2016, Usa Today

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1982 Disney film partly set inside a computer
Adhesive in a gun
Adorable sort
"All bets ___ off!"
Big band leader with the 1940 hit "PEnnsylvania 6-5000"
Big name in polls
Bodega wares
"Breathe Again" singer Braxton
Bring home after taxes
Brought into the world
Card not used in pinochle
Catch by trickery
Catholic university in Chicago
Comical Costelloend
Convert from Swedish to Swahili, say
Cost of Bazooka bubble gum, once
Crooner from Honolulu
"Don't move, Fido!"
Doo-wop group ___ Na Na
Dorky sort
Eggo or Lego, e.g.
Europe-Asia border river
Fateful time for Caesar
Full-price payers at movies
Garment seen along the Ganges
Gasp for air
Greek epic spanning 24 books
HDTV brand
Hid, like a card sharp
Hip-hop group with the 1990 hit "911 Is a Joke"
In all of history
In the slightest
Indiana politico Bayh
It may be toed or crossed
Key related to F maj.
Legs, in old slang
Life of Riley
Like rock's U2
Locker room group
Loosening, in a way
Lounge around
"Luncheon on the Grass" painter Edouard
Neverland visitor
Nuclear energy particle
On the briny
Part of a dance lesson
Perched on
Power pop band with the 1981 hit "867-5309/Jenny"
Practices in the ring
Prepare to fire again
Puts on the books
Rating on a gas pump
Roof overhang
Silica-based gems
Singing group with the 1962 hit "Beechwood 4-5789," with "the"
Soccer star Hamm
State whose motto is "Industry"
Steakhouse option
Student's stat
Sudden winds
Tavern orders
Tebow known for "Tebowing"
Television award since 1949
"The Lion King" sound effect
Throws in
Tidbit for a titmouse
Tinseltown's Turner
Trouble terribly
"Waterloo" quartet
Without a break
Work on cartoons
Wrap in a blanket
Writer's block ender
Yankee Doodle's ride
"___ you read?"