September 9th 2018, USA Today

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100 points, to a jeweler
"___ Alibi" (Selleck movie)
Barracks no-show
Baskin-Robbins serving
Became threadbare
Canal called "Clinton's Folly"
Carb source, informally
"Carol" actress Rooney
Cellar contents
Complain, so to speak
Curmudgeonly sorts
Cyber Monday sales
Deli pancake
Did a planter's job
"Doe" or "Roe," perhaps
Dogie catcher
Drop off
Dust Bowl migrant
Early 1960s dance craze
Fay of "King Kong"
First principle of Kwanzaa
Florida cigar city
Fraternal fellow
Gave the once-over to
Generic dog's name
Go overboard with
"Great Expectations" hero
Greek goddess of wisdom
Grey of western novels
Had a stiff neck, e.g.
"I kid you not!"
Inked design, for short
Intensify, with "up"
"It's about time!"
Just so-so
Lights-out tune
Lipton competitor
Litmus component
Many fourth-down plays
Merit badge earner
Metro area, briefly
MLB executive Joe
Mount the soapbox
Pay for everyone
Place for a rocking chair
Predominantly Mormon state
President with a dog named Bo
Put into pigeonholes
Quarterback's syllable
Quench, as thirst
Race car's stop
React to a bad call, say
Ready to serve
Reed who sang "Walk on the Wild Side"
Requiring assembly
Rickey Henderson's 1,406
Ring great Archie
Sax larger than a soprano
Selling points
Settle permanently
Shoulder muscle, slangily
Sings like Cab Calloway
"Skoal!" is one
Smartphone display unit
Solar wind particleend
Stick around for
Tarnish, as a reputation
The bearded Smurf
Tyler of "Jersey Girl"
Typical Al Jazeera viewer
Until now
Uppercut target
"Walk-___ welcome"
Whodunit's essence
Works with dizzying effects
Yangtze River boat