December 3rd 2016, Wall Street

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1992 debater with Bush and Clinton
1999 documentary about Detroit hair salons
2014 event for Alibaba: Abbr
A little fishy
According to
Aust. state
Avenue shader
___ Aviv
Bad name for a chauffeur
Bands with agents?
Be decisive
Being human?
Big do
Big MoMA supporter
Books for marriage therapists?
Brain surgeon's offer?
Brand on many an auto racer's jacket
Burj Khalifa's country: Abbr
___ card (phone insert)
Catalan muralist
Chest protector
Chiding sound
Common default password for a router
Crooner Damone
Dancer driver
Dashing quality?
DDE's arena
DJ's collection
Drive-in servers
Drugmaker Lilly
Eccentric wheels
'Exodus' actor Sal
'Exodus' protagonist
Fashion's Anna
Fawning flattery
Feminine force
Finnish phone brand
Formal order
Four-sided dice, for example
Freak out about getting the hose wound up just right this time?
Freezer aisle surname
Frozen treat with a Sir Isaac Lime flavor
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Geppetto, by trade
GI's furlough
Halibut habitat
Head for the terminal
Head shots, for short?
High, in Heidelberg
Hoity-toity attitude
Honeyed quaff
Hoppy quaffs
How the model sat the second time?
Hydrogen atom's lack
'I see what you did there' sound
Info on un certificat de naissance
It may be rouge or blanc
Its last commercial flight was in Oct. 2003
Jamaican genre
'Je t'___' (French valentine)
Jim Brown and Franco Harris, e.g.: Abbr.
Key of Brahms's Symphony No. 4
Lay waste to
Le Roi ___ (Louis XIV)
Letter that rhymes with the ones before and after it
Letters on an APB
Levi's Stadium pro
Like an excited person's breath
Like the toves in 'Jabberwocky'
Lizard's cost to grow another appendage?
Lysol victims
Manager with four World Series championships
Marine nymph of myth
McGruff, most notably
Medieval assassin's weapon
Mileage gauge, for short
Mob pursuers
Mountain legend
Muscular condition
Nasdaq overseer
NATO member
Nose tackle's place, for short
Notable spans
Noted Nashville show
Number of weeks in a Roman year
Only state whose seal shows a seal
Pad kee mao cuisine
Pajama panels
Pass path
Pear, for one
Persian weapons
Pester vocally
Physicist Curie
Pic on a pec
Polite telemarketer's mantra?
Put a limit on
Resistance checker
Result of tossing and turning, perhaps
Revealing exclamation
Revival technique, briefly
Savvy second edit?
Scuba spots
Sites of many street pickups
Sleeper sofa user
Small inlet
Small scrap
Soothing succulent
Sound from the flock
Sounds from the flock
Source of a cold draft in the house
Spiker's vessel
Spiny, egg-laying mammals
Spirit from the desert
Spring thing
Stays en pointe?
'Sweet Home Alabama' band, to fans
Swift, e.g
Take a hike
Takes hold of
'The Brothers Karamazov' brother
TNT starter
To be, to Bolivians
Tongue, formally
Torque symbol
Total snoozefest
Trendy watering hole
UFO drivers
Victor at Manassas
Virgin ___ Records
What a flexing forefinger means
When to see the landlord for an extension?
Whence babies
Where engines take a trial run
Works in a Barcelona museum
'You messed with the wrong person!'