February 12th 2018, Wall Street Journal

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Be a snitch
Beautician's workplace
"Borat" star ___ Baron Cohen
Brandenburg Concertos composer
Bring together
Brother of Maggie and Lisa
Bundle in a barn
City in New York's Mohawk Valley
Clock numeral
Cochlea's place
Comic strip components
Compared to
Crunch targets
Demonstrate elasticity
Doctors order them
Downhill runner found in the four longest Across answers
European elevations
Even a little
Eye part
Facebook forerunner
Fish eggs
Frog sound
Garment for Gaius
"Gesundheit" elicitor
Give up, as a claim
Have the opposite effect from what was intended
However, quaintly
James Garfield's middle name
Laser chaser
Lemon of CNN
Like the smell of a keg party
Mall stand
Manhattan area west of the Theater District
Media packets
Metal-cutting shears
Metal source
Mother's Day month
Motions of oceans
Not urban
Painter Rousseau
Peach parts
Pragmatic sort
Putin's onetime employer
Reciprocated, as a feeling
Regretted working out, perhaps
Religious conviction
Response to a bad pun
Rosebush pest
Rubbed the wrong way
Setting for many Ursula K. Le Guin stories
Setting of the 2018 Winter Olympics
Sidestroke swimmer's leg motion
Sir's counterpart
Skeletal ship
Software download format
Some whiskeys
Spoil the beauty of
Store for future use
Surprises in stories
Take measures
Target for a masseur
The Police and the Lumineers, for example
They sometimes clash
Tofu base
Turn on a point
Wax lyrical about
Wedding words
"Well golly!"
Woodsman's chopper