February 4th 2017, Wall Street

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1994 pact in English French and Spanish
Affected by the moon in a way
Alvin and the Chipmunks e.g.
Amgen's industry
Anarchic event
Anchor's stretch
Andre in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Author Welty
Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er ___"
Balance sheet entry
Battle of Normandy city
Beams up e.g.
Belgium-to-Switzerland dir.
Big name in jets
Bond portrayer before Craig
Boxers' letters?
Call's companion
Center of a trampoline?
Chef's herb
Chickadee's kin
Choice as a job
Control center for the heart and lungs
Country sound
CPR pros
Curses directed at a happy couple?
DDE's 1940s command
DDE's rival in 1952 and
Declare void
Denver omelet ingredient
Depends on
Didn't bother
Didn't play
Didn't take the trophy
Dip as stock prices
Doc Brown's first name in the "Back to the Future" movies
"Doctor Who" genre
Dressy affair
Dull finishes
Falcons' home
Far from ruddy
Field workers
Flying Cloud and Speed Wagon e.g.
Forrest in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Fruit sampler
Get a touchdown say
Get-together on a ladder?
Gillette Stadium player for short
Gloria Estefan by birth
Greedy desire
Greenskeeper's charity?
Gridiron gains
Haberdasher's inventory
Half of a 1990s cartoon duo
Halftime spots
Have in mind
Having a slight lead
Hindu dietary guideline?
Hopped up
"I give!"
Impress as an idea
It follows the Super Bowl
Its first line went from City Hall to 145th St.
Jones of "Angie Tribeca"
Keep for later
Kindle download
Knock down ___
Language from which "Alaska" comes
Less gregarious
Like commuter towns
"Love's shadows ___ rich in joy": Romeo
Maureen of "Miracle on 34th Street"
"Metropolis" director Fritz
Michael of "Juno"
Non-alcoholic beer brand
NRG Stadium for Super Bowl LI
One bound for the pound
Paleozoic Mesozoic and Cenozoic
Pancake served with applesauce
Paul McCartney e.g.
Pieman's wares
Play-Doh company
Queen's attendant
Ranchero sobriquet
Renaissance artist Albrecht
Revealed to the world
River through Aragon
Sapporo sashes
Second-hand items?
Served as
Setting for some fishy jokes?
Shake insert
Six-pack makeup
Skin soother
Solitude seeker
Some body problems
Some have built-in teleprompters
Something to ruminate on
Sound on entering the Jacuzzi
Starfleet's base
States firmly
Stock exchange?
Strove to achieve
Sty cry
Subject of Keats's "O Attic shape!"
Subpoena e.g.
Suffix with Manhattan or Brooklyn
Sugar Loaf Mountain location
"Take a Chance on Me" group
Targets for crackers
The least bit
"The Red Badge of Courage" author
The U.S.'s first multimillionaire
They may be dressed in pads
They're hit on their heads
They're open daily
Tied the knot
Tired mover?
Title for a synopsis of pie and brittle recipes?
Took the trophy
Very best wurst?
Will of "Blue Bloods"
Wilson of "The Office"
Wrap up by
WWII entertainment centers