March 2nd 2019, Wall Street Journal

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2009 Jack Black movie with the tag line "Meet your ancestors"
A million times mega-
Aleppo native
Arrangement for going out with friends
Aunt in "Oklahoma!"
Babysitter's delight
Babysitter's nightmare
Bird feeder filler
Birth announcement abbr.
Bother greatly
Brand with a red triangle logo
Bring up on charges
Brother's title
Brutal review
Bumbler's utterance
Buy, especially as a treat
Bygone PC monitor that belongs to everybody?
Capitol Hill staffer
Cartoonist Barry
Casual quiz sites
Cause of death on the Nile
Chips in
Clairvoyant skill
Coins featuring springboks on the reverse
Comedian Andre with an Adult Swim show
Compacted ski run
Compensation from the union
Corporate diagrams, for short
Cry from the director's chair
Cuoco of "The Big Bang Theory"
Cut from the staff
Deli sandwich that comes as a surprise?
Denver omelet ingredient
Do damage to
Do the Wright thing
Doubly-accented sport
Envious utterance
Espresso layer
Far from subtle, as perfume
Fig. in a legal drama
Fighters of antimutant bigotry
Fillion of "The Rookie"
First Asian city to host the Winter Olympics
Flat personality?
French national symbol personifying liberty
General delivery?
Glittery fabric
Growler fill
He was a hell of a writer!
Hits close to home
Honeysuckle secretion
Hosp. areas
Hull sealer
Hybrid instrument
"I love her ten times more than ___ I did": Petruchio
"I'm okay with where things are right now"
Important piece in le jeu d'echecs
In recent days
In reverie about a digital watch display?
Incendiary type
"Insecure" creator/lead Rae
Intense quality
Jessica of "Sin City"
Lead-in to "girl!"
LGBTQ part
Lime, e.g.
Linguist Chomsky
Lip-reading teacher
___ Maga (self-defense developed by the Israeli army)
Major bore
Major cold snap
MBA candidate's class
"Me day" locale
Midrange voice
Neighbor of Chad
Not in the clergy
One involved in hearing cases?
Paintball sound
Pepsi alternatives
Perk (up)
Pommes frites sprinkle
Preakness figures
Printers' hues
Psychologist Karl who designed cards to test for 67-Across
Punch in
Question posed to the stranded
Rake in
Recipe verb
Redbox rental that's as big as an entire landmass?
RNs dispense them
Rocksteady precursor
Rodriguez of "Modern Family"
Ruby of "Do the Right Thing"
Safe space
SALT signatory
Salve targets
Satyric celebration
Settler of a disputed call
Short dash
Shows of scorn
Silhouette on a cautionary road sign
Simple shot, in both golf and soccer
"Situation Room" network, to those who think it's too brutal?
Small home invaders
Solution: Abbr.
Some nonfiction books
Steed speed
Stockyard sights
Stonewall, famously
Style for the Hollywood Pantages Theatre
Tabloid headline trumpeting a civil rights leader getting caught cheating on his diet?
Teen-oriented network that's hidden from plain view?
"The House on Mango Street" author Sandra
"The Over-Soul" essayist
U. period
Uber-bad Uber rating
Upgrade, as a factory
Utterance from the unimpressed
"...wait, what?"
Was a polite butler
Wheeze cause
Without force
Word in a programmer's conditional loop
Wound up