March 4th 2017, Wall Street

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Adderall alias
Advice from a relationship counselor, perhaps
Afternoon refreshers
"Ahoy, you're no landlubber!"?
Article written by Einstein?
Arty community of the Southwest
Balkan Wars participant
Beribboned staff
Big do
Bldg. units, at times
Bluish-black fruit
Bring in
But, in Baja
By itself
Candlelight ritual
Cardinal's home
Chin dimple
"Comin' ___ the Rye"
Corp. VIPs
Count's equivalent
Cruise liner decks with pools
Dalai Lama's pet?
Dance also called the Brazilian tango
Dept. of Labor program
Diner stack
Dinosaur tchotchke?
Drones' homes
Dundee delivery
"Easter Oratorio" composer
Essential atmospheric layer
Exuberant feeling
Father of Rod and Todd Flanders
Ferret cousins
Folk-rock quartet at Woodstock
Foot rub or cup of tea, perhaps
Fourth person
Frank holder
"Great" canonized pope
Green shade
Hastings, to Poirot
Hawaiian strings
Hearing, say
Height: Prefix
Highlands bonnet
Hold up
Ides accusation
In need of the showers
Inspire with foolish love
Ironically amusing
It may be heard on the streets
Item in a smoky ceremony
Kriegsmarine vessel
Labor pro?
Lead-up to civil war
Letter-shaped fastener
Like some beauty
Like some semirural towns
Like some signers
Like some sugar
Lists of candidates
Locale of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
Lombardi in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
"Madam Secretary" star
Manchester man
Marked a survey box
Method: Abbr.
"___ Mia!"
Mil. branch under the Department of Homeland Security
Mil. outposts
Mother of Horus
Not looking good
Obama's father, for one
Old orchard spray
Olympic account
One answer to "Are you waiting for somebody?"
One over par at the Ocean Spray Open?
Onetime Comanche foe
Outbreak of 2015-16
Patriots' org.
Penultimate letter
Pet pickup?
Pitcher Hershiser
Planetarium sights
Plot unit
Plows and plants
Poker face?
Polish writing
Potential embryo
Religious pilgrims
Responds to a curtain call
Rocky peak
Royal address
Saint Petersburg's river
School on the Thames
Scottish isle
Second Indochina War, casually
Solitaire game that sounds like the name of a cleaning lady
Some TVs
Streetcar offering free WiFi?
Super Bowl XXXVII champs
Surrealist Andre
Surrealist Magritte
Tap trouble
Tense matter?
Thanksgiving dinner served on a footstool?
The Jetsons' maid
"...___ the ramparts..."
The USS Constitution, e.g.
"This is only ___"
Tired traveler's need
To date
Trendy alternative to rice
U.K. military award
Wake-up calls
Webmaster's medium
Weightlifting aid?
Where Gandhi was jailed under colonial rule
Won easily
Word from Watteau
Work for the student body?
"Your moving and storage resource"
Yours, in Tours
"Z Nation" channel
"Zip it!"