May 5th 2018, Wall Street Journal

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Achieved success
Act the snitch
Activity for an intern
Admiral's Cup sport
Adopt enthusiastically
Alternative to Pampers
Autobiographical Guenter Grass book
"Aw, heck!"
Bakery come-on
Battery part
Bible bits
Bring in
Buffalo icer
Cast material
Casting director, during auditions?
Clarinetist Shaw
Clear clutter
Collections of strong poker hands?
College tennis tourney champ, e.g.
Complain about
Complaint in many presidential tweets
Confession count
Cornea backdrop
CPR expert
Dachshund docs
Dance club VIPs
Dark films
Deck quartet
Dedicatee of a Beethoven piece
Deposer of Montezuma
Disparaging expressions
Dispensary unit
Does a summer chore
Essen utterance
Events for masters of hounds
Exasperated feeling
Extra-large cocktails?
Farm pioneer Jethro
Female recruits beginning in 1948
Fence feature
Few and far between
Flour variety
Form of despair?
Freud topic
Geometry calculation
George of the Jungle's mate
Gibson of the "Transformers" movies
Gill openings
Great-grandmother of David
Greek consonants
Grooms, e.g.
Hardly fresh
High hit
High Sierra runner
Himalayan foot
Hold out
Hot pepper used in pico de gallo
Intentionally inoffensive
Jai ___
Japan's prime minister
Job for a bartender?
Jules Verne's birthplace
Kinsey topic
Labyrinth location
Larynx neighbor
Leisurely pursuits
Lemon in the outfield
Letter before Zulu
Letter projection
Lose weight
Loud closing of a piano's keyboard cover?
Magnate whose middle name was Socrates
Market analyst's determination
Most reasonable
Much of Mali
Neither Rep. nor Dem.
Numbers game
Observe Ramadan
Others, to Augustus
Pedestal part
Pester, puppy-style
Poignant instrument
Polling place no-show
Pres. Davis's org.
Producer of Astra autos
Request from an editor
"___ Rhythm"
Risked a ticket
Rude act
Salad start
Sale stipulation
See to it
Shore leave?
Side by side
Snowboarding jump
Sporter of dreads
"Sprechen ___ Deutsch?"
Stand-up specialty
Stat for an ace
Steve Urkel's pursuer
Stream spirits
Sturgeon yield
Takes out
Target of a surgeon's clamp
Tea from young leaves
Technician for a John Wayne movie?
Tennis star nicknamed "The Punisher"
Their unis are red, white and blue
They each have two hemispheres
Top number on many clocks
Tough plant fiber
Twisty letter
Ukr. or Lith., before the 1990s
Uncle ___ (rice brand)
Useful feature
"Was ___ los?"
Ways of operating
Where It. is
Where moderates are prosecuted?
York Peppermint ___