November 12th 2016, Wall Street

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Adjective for 81-Across
Aids in a scam
Alarmed utterance
All-out attack
Arkansas governor Hutchinson
Arthur with Emmys
Austrian's exclamation
Beatles girl who 'made a fool of everyone'
Better qualified
Big name in little suits
Blueprint info
Brother of Artemis
Browser button
Brutal review
Bucks, e.g
Bud supporter
Caesar of TV
Call from a kid
Came to a crescendo
Capital with ferry service to Copenhagen
Census starter
Chapel figure
Cold discomfort at an electronics and entertainment giant
Comb maker
Continental coin
Cornet feature
Country music's Steve
Court figures
Damon of 'The Martian'
Didn't just pass
Director Wertmuller
Driver, for one
Egg source
Einstein Bros. offerings
'Evil Woman' band
Face on a fiver
Fashion's Perry
Federal budget bloater
First king of Israel
Fleming of fiction
Forum wrap
Four-time All-Star Jose
Good point
'Hell ___ no fury...'
'Hold on!'
Introverted folks
Iron pigment
Its highest point is Cerro Chirripo
Killer in 'Antony and Cleopatra'
Lab subj
___ Lama
Leonardo's 'J. Edgar' director
Lightly scorch
Like movies on HBO
Like some hard rolls
Like some JFK flights
Like the knowledgeable staff of a computer giant
Lipstick color
Location of many blocks
Locations for surfers
Lock clasp
Lose intentionally
Louisville slugger
Meter reading
Miss World accessory
'Money ___ object'
Morale-boosting gp
Most sunburn-prone
Mycobacteria, e.g
'Night' writer Wiesel
No longer together
'No problemo!'
Novelist Allende
Orange coat
Orange vegetable
Org. with many schedules
Page on screen
Pandora selections
Penelope's peripatetic husband
Performs as a guest
Perjury committed by an electric auto giant
Pinch in the kitchen
Popular tablet
Prefix with atomic or athlete
Pres. from Texas
Prime meridian std
Produce provider covered by an insurance giant
Publicly condemn
Pull-down target
Put the kibosh on
Rubbed raw
Salary scale
Samoan capital
Scathing insult
Second of a Latin trio
Select groups
Semicircular shape
Source of chutzpah
Sports fan's getaway sponsored by a retail giant
Square meal?
Stone and Stallone
Studied nefariously
Taiwanese computer brand
Tante : Paris :: ___: Madrid
'Tapestry' singer whose endorsement is sought by a footwear giant
Tempe sch
Temper tantrums
'The Fifth Element' director Besson
The Onion forte
There are lots of these
They're noisy at night
They're numbered in NYC
Time's 2007 Person of the Year
Total bliss
Totally shellacked
Trip odometer button
Turin attraction
'Twilight' heroine
Tyson stat
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
Vengeful feeling
Warehouse concern of a video game giant
Where the Bundestag meets
Windmill component
Wishful feeling
Working again, and a hint to the hidden companies in this puzzle
'You may now relax!'
Zika-tracking org