November 26th 2016, Wall Street

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17th-century English poet
Accesses silently
Advised about
After-lunch sandwich
Air show stunt
Ancestor of Muhammad
April, May and June, to Daisy Duck
Back on board
Bakersfield-to-L.A. heading
Barack, by birth
Be negligent
Beauty appreciators
Bingo's kin?
Bodybuilder's pride
Bottom line
Braves' division
Broke bread
Brynner's 'The King and I' co-star
Call on
Cause for a shootout
Causing a person astonishment
Chain whose goods often come with an Allen wrench
Challenge for seniors
Check out
Chevy SUV
Citta del Vaticano surrounder
City on the Trans-Siberian Railway
Cope with gerrymandering
Cork's place
Counterfeiter catcher
Counting rhyme beginning
Course requirement?
Cousin of Gomez Addams
Crowd scene participant
Darrell in the House
Dazzling works
Despicable fellow
Does a farrier's job
Dogpatch diminutive
Domingo, por ejemplo
'___ Dreams' (Heart song)
Dutch financial giant
Eventually became
Exclamation from Ebenezer
False front
Farmer's field: Abbr
Forest's role in 'The Last King of Scotland'
Frankenfood, in initials
Frozen sheet
Ganglia components
Garden gastropod
'Got it, man'
Ground cover
Have a sudden inspiration?
Heckelphones' cousins
Hoppy quaff
Hostile to
Impersonating on Halloween
In hopes of selling
In the cards
Inner Hebrides island
It may be at your fingertips
Jazz trombonist Kid ___
King of the road
Last letters
Leader of services in the services
Letter after upsilon
Life class models
Like some shiny floors
May and Major: Abbr
Mental scratchpad
Mere nonsense
Minor criticisms
Monarch before George I
More than bi-
More than chubby
Nazareth native
Not a single woman
Not deviating significantly
Official language in Vientiane
Old adders
One might be spotted in a western
Online appeal
Opposite of 60-Down
Opposite of 68-Down
Org. that fights voter suppression
Originator of the phrase 'the lion's share'
Packed like sardines?
Painter Mondrian
Paperless test
Peninsula of southern Asia
Petite pest
Piglet's pal
Plaintive poems
Plantain lily
Porter's burden
Previously used by poets?
Quarterback Ryan
Quick drink
Racecourse near Windsor Castle
Rap sheet letters
Recital highlights
Reed heard on records
Rump, anatomically
Say with contempt
School statistic
Showed satisfaction
Singer/actor Blades
Skin swelling
Small sample
Sounded like a siren
Soup sound
Source of strength
St. Paul's architect
Stage lead?
Subject of a Barcelona museum
Texter's qualifier
Thatcher's job
There are 60,000 in a min
Three-time baseball All-Star Fielder
Tolkien's Treebeard, e.g
Tough skin
Twisty shape
Volcano, sometimes
Warning sign
Water carrier
Where the buoys are?
Words after live or give
X-ray ___ (classic gag gift)